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Business identity and office furniture… Following Towcester’s lead

Nov 16, 2018

Did you know that Towcester is one of the oldest towns in the country? We mean… OLD! The Romans helped name it, and they certainly put it on the map with Watling Street (it wasn’t called the A5 in those days).

But Towcester isn’t just an ageing town. It’s a fabulously inspirational place for SMEs, and we should know with the amount off office furniture we supply.

So how come? Well, despite millennia passing, Towcester has strongly retained its identity, and realising that has inspired us to write about how office furniture can help you retain your business identity; we like the parallel.

Office furniture and your business identity

Your business identity is influenced by many factors, but when someone visits there’s no doubt that the interior of your office, and your office furniture in particular, adds to the effect. When people walk through the door, they’ll swiftly get a feel for how you treat your staff, what the quality of your work is like, how you care about your customers, and even how you liaise with your suppliers. Yes, the message is subconscious… but it’s there. A visitor will instantly get of sense of:

  • Your professionalism
  • Your success
  • Your attention to detail
  • Your attention to staff wellbeing
  • Your focus on a constructive working environment
  • Your level of control
  • Your mode of thinking

And if you’re beginning to look around your office and are now wondering if it’s time for a bit of a furniture revamp… here are some indicators that you might be right.

3 signs your business identity needs new office furniture

Technology is bursting at the seams – IT infrastructure is changing all the time, and if a potential customer turns up and sees that you’re not keeping up… that’s not good. Modern office furniture is specifically designed to cater for the changing needs of a business’s IT. Towcester may well have built its name on Roman engineering brilliance, but even Watling Street has been updated a few times to cope with the ever-changing demands of traffic.

Workflows and processes have changed – Have you gone paperless yet? Don’t worry, you’re not the only business. But there’s no reason why some of those reams of paper can’t be archived. Towcester came into being long before paper was a household item… there’s no need to hold onto it unnecessarily now. If you cast your eye over your office and it snags on piles that have been sitting around for a while, odds on it’s time for an office furniture review.

Your business has grown – Over the years, as you’ve taken on more staff, have you simply added new office furniture items piecemeal? When you look around now, it’s possible it’s all beginning to look a bit eclectic. But that’s not what your business identity should suggest, right? Your business is up to date; you have a reputation in your market. Let your office furniture reflect that too. Just as Towcester has shifted in emphasis as history has passed, so too should your office furniture. Make sure your identity is reinforced by, and not held back by, your workspace.

Let’s face it, whether you’re fighting new competition, keen to establish your identity, or simply busting a gut to maintain the reputation you already have… your office furniture can speak volumes. Let it shout out positively on your behalf. Take a leaf out of Towcester’s book and set out your stall for the long term.

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