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Office furniture in Wellingborough… it’s a self-employed thing

Nov 7, 2018

You may not know this, but Wellingborough is a mini-hub for entrepreneurs. Apparently, the level of business births per thousand is high in comparison not just to the East Midlands, but to England overall.

Now, we’re not suggesting that the office furniture in Wellingborough has got anything specifically to do with that statistic, but the document published by Wellingborough Borough Council entitled “An Economic Development Strategy for Wellingborough” does actually state that the statistic indicates high levels of entrepreneurial activity*. So we can’t help thinking that the regular purchase of office furniture in Wellingborough is at least a litmus test of some description…

Why Wellingborough is good for SMEs (and their staff)

First off, let’s get the logistics bit out of the way. Wellingborough is superbly situated for business. Whether you’re like us, being a supplier delivering office furniture in Wellingborough, or are a potential customer expecting to visit, Wellingborough is well-connected transport-wise. It’s fifty minutes by train from London, and has easy access to major parts of the road network such as the M1, A45 and M6.

In addition to this, though, the Borough Council is actively seeking to make the local economy more self-reliant. As they say in their strategy document, “Essentially, the emerging local plan aims to make the area more self-reliant by achieving a sustainable balance between local jobs and workers and a more prosperous and diverse economy. It seeks to do this by planning for enough jobs to match the forecast growth in labour force and reduce reliance on out-commuting.” Reducing the dormitory town effect, and increasing local employment can only be a good thing for SMEs!

Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) support

Many of SEMLEP’s ambitions for the area are aligned with Wellingborough’s own aspirations. But the great thing is Wellingborough’s local council is very much aware of the need to maintain the town’s profile in order to compete for attention across the region and get a good share of the pot. The following strengths give Wellingborough a very robust profile indeed:

·         SMEs represent a high percentage of the business make up

·         There is a superb innovation centre already in place

·         The high percentage of private employment means the majority of the local workforce is not dependent upon public sector employment

·         Wellingborough enjoys very high business survival rates in comparison to East Midlands and England

All in all, with such a high number of SMEs blossoming locally in Wellingborough, it does mean that local employment is growing. Obviously, from our perspective that suggests even more office furniture is being delivered to Wellingborough, but that’s not the only reason to smile. High profile development is planned around Stanton Cross, plus Rushden Lakes complements the local town offering as well. That’s an attractive proposition for people looking for work. Which makes Wellingborough a very attractive proposition for SMEs too.

What’s the upshot?

Well, of course, from our perspective the upshot is that a thriving SME base in a town means there’s probably quite a lot of our office furniture already there. But we would never say no to supplying more. So… if you are a growing SME, or starting up, please do give us a ring. We’d love to have the opportunity to supply more office furniture in Wellingborough, and we think you’d really love what we have to offer!

* http://www.wellingborough.gov.uk/downloads/file/7189/economic_development_strategy_2016-2021

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