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Office Supplies – Why you should consider a wall planner

Apr 21, 2017

So… today, we are unashamedly going to sing about the benefits of wall planners. Why? Because sometimes, just sometimes, old ideas are still good ideas. 

So… today, we are unashamedly going to sing about the benefits of wall planners. Why? Because sometimes, just sometimes, old ideas are still good ideas. Wall planners may not be a part of the digital revolution, and they might appear a bit quirky to some because they physically exist. But you know what? We’ve found they are still HUGELY in demand. People are talking digital… but they’re still buying paper.

What are the benefits of having a wall planner in your office?
Putting aside the apparent convenience of a shared digital planner, we’ve discovered there are a whole raft of slightly more esoteric reasons.

Here are just a few…

You can write your notes and reminders as visually as you like – Colour coding is one thing, but adding your own little doodles and letter designs can be an uplifting way to manage a calendar.
It can be quicker to use a wall planner and certainly requires less mental energy – Just grabbing your pencil and scribbling down a note can be a lot quicker than having to go into the calendar on your laptop.
You’re not going to get inundated with notifications – We know everyone says it’s just a ‘settings’ thing, but seriously, it isn’t. Sometimes you want notifications, sometimes you don’t. It can take more time and mental effort to work out just what you want each time than it’s worth expending. An entry on a wall planner is never going go ‘ping’ and pop up on your screen!
The way a wall planner displays can simply work better visually for some people – Physically crossing out days with a big red ‘X’ can have real significance if one of your team are going on their honeymoon!
Seeing what you’ve achieved as group, up there on a wall… is fab – Seriously, don’t knock it.
If you have a power cut, they’re still there – It’s true that phones have batteries etc. but if you lose power, your planner is still there staring back at you from your wall. Power cuts do not need to stop planning.
What types of wall planners are available for your office?
In a nutshell… loads.

Holiday wall planners
Academic wall planners
16 month wall planners
Compact year wall planners
Day by day wall planners
Fiscal wall planners
Fiscal and academic wall planners
Staff wall planners
Dry wipe wall planners
Magnetic wall planners, and so on…
You see, wall planners have been around for a long time and there’s one for just about every office need. So if you’re sick of having to turn to a screen every time you want to know what’s going on, why not suggest a wall planner? Get the team thinking differently!

To find out more about the wide variety of wall planners, and other office supplies, we offer at CamHam please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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