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The Boardroom Table – It means business!

Aug 9, 2017

So what actually makes a boardroom a boardroom? We don’ think anyone can answer that question without making reference to the main piece of furniture – the boardroom table.

So what actually makes a boardroom a boardroom? We don’ think anyone can answer that question without making reference to the main piece of furniture – the boardroom table. It’s the boardroom table that gives the room gravitas and clout, for when you set the tone right, you instantly have a room that is there to impress. Important clients, critical business partners, your management team. All will benefit from meetings around a boardroom table. Business challenges can be discussed with the right attitude. Business successes can be applauded in a convincing way. And business decisions that matter can be made. The boardroom table is where things happen.

Choosing the most appropriate boardroom furniture for your needs is crucial, therefore. Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and budget in just the right way can make or break the initial impression someone gets when walking in for the first time. So, with that said, let’s have a look at what makes a good boardroom table do just that.

The boardroom table – factors for consideration

How big should a boardroom table be?
Well, the boardroom table is an important piece of furniture, but it mustn’t make the room feel cramped. Yes, it needs to be large enough to convey the correct message but not at the cost of being absurd.

What is the best shape for a boardroom table?
There is no ideal shape, so fret not. What works best will depend on the shape of your room and how you prefer to conduct your meetings.

What is the best material for a boardroom table to be made from?
The answer to this question will depend on the message you want to convey.  Heavy wood will have a more traditional feel in comparison to glass and chrome. It needs to reflect your brand and your business ethos.

What technology does a boardroom table need to accommodate?  
Will people be plugging in laptops regularly? Are cables going to be an issue? Accommodate both and your meetings will run far more smoothly.

What other boardroom furniture should be considered?

A boardroom table isn’t a table without the right chairs
Well, it makes sense to choose your boardroom chairs as carefully as you choose your boardroom table, to be honest. They are likely to have different requirements to normal office chairs, though. Board meetings can go on for a long time. Comfort and ergonomic design are extremely important, therefore. And that factor, paired with picking the right covering eg. synthetic vs leather, will transform bored meetings to board meetings!

Boardroom storage – the solution to minimising clutter
Piles of brochures, spare flipcharts, remote controls… these all need a home. A stylish boardroom sideboard can complement your boardroom table and chairs perfectly, and provide a useful function too. And let’s face it, where are you going to put all those coffee cups half way through your meeting?

How can CamHam help?
At CamHam, we’ve been advising on and supplying boardroom tables, chairs, and sideboards since the business started. We offer a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and finishes so you can be sure you’ll find exactly the right fit for your business and your boardroom. So give us a call, and let’s make this happen!

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