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3 Must-Have Office Computer Accessories

Jan 19, 2018

There is so much focus is on remote working these days that we often forget many still slog out their daily grind by going into an office and slaving away at a desk.

There is so much focus is on remote working these days that we often forget many still slog out their daily grind by going into an office and slaving away at a desk. For those people, who aren’t out and about moving and grooving, there are some office computer accessories that can make their daily toil much easier. So, we thought it was worth highlighting our top three, just to whet your appetite!

Office computer accessories MUST HAVE No 1 - Ergonomic Wrist Rest
If you’re sitting at your desk typing away all day, THE office computer accessory of office computer accessories is an ergonomic wrist rest. Purposely designed wrist rests are shaped in such a way as to keep your wrists from bending backwards. This helps to prevent repetitive strain injury and takes any pressure off the shoulders too. If you’re experiencing neck ache when you’re at your desk, how you’re positioned when typing or using a mouse may be a contributing factor. But there are some things to watch out for:

Check that the wrist rest isn’t too high, or too low
Check for sharp edges – you get what you pay for.
Check reviews for complaints about pressure on the carpal tunnel
Office computer accessories MUST HAVE No 2 - Screen Privacy Filter
When you’re sitting at your desk, your monitor is more exposed than you realise. You can take precautions to protect your usernames etc. but if someone is peering across to watch you type them in, or even take a sneaky photo, there’s little you can do except having a screen privacy filter. And if you work in a hot-desking environment, or one where lots of visitors are coming and going, then as office computer accessories go… this is a good one to tick the security box.

So what is a screen privacy filter? Well, it’s pretty much what you think. It’s a plastic sheet (aka. filter) that adheres to your monitor screen which acts to restrict the viewing angle. In essence, you have to be sitting directly in front of it to be able to view what’s on the screen.

Office computer accessories MUST HAVE No 3 – Copyholder
If you regularly work from and read paper documents whilst you’re using your PC, then a copyholder will be useful for you. Positioning documents properly to avoid straining your neck and shoulders is the only way to ensure you can keep up the good work and be efficient whilst you’re at it. So, if you have staff working in such a way, make sure this is on their list of office computer accessories for the next stationery order. Tips for using your copyholder include:

Place it the same distance from your eyes as your screen
Put it as close to directly in front of you as possible
Set it such that the height of the documents is similar to the height of the typing area on your screen
A final CamHam word on office computer accessories…
Of course, we’ve just picked out three that really make a difference to the comfort of your staff and security of your operation. However, there are plenty of other accessories that will also enhance other aspects of your business. So why not have a peek at the CamHam website and see what else might surprise and delight your staff and make their lives just a little more comfortable and safe.

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