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Jun 16, 2017

If your staff have to deal with admin as part of their jobs, odds on they’ll be spending quite a bit of time at their desks. Getting the right office chairs, therefore, matters.

If your staff have to deal with admin as part of their jobs, odds on they’ll be spending quite a bit of time at their desks. Getting the right office chairs, therefore, matters. Of course, one has to be mindful of budget, but the ideal solution is always to pick a type that is ergonomically designed. Taking this approach will mean your workforce can adjust their office chairs to suit their shape and comfort requirements. And the added bonus is… you’re looking after their wellbeing too.

Did you realise that sitting can be a stress position?
That means ergonomic office chairs are a boon to staff and employers alike. Not convinced yet? Try this:

FACT 1: We’re not all the same. No one fixed office chair fits all. We’re different shapes and different sizes. Some of us have long bodies, some short bodies. Some of us have long arms… you get the picture.

FACT 2: A fixed office chair does not suit every activity. Let’s face it, someone typing all day will have different office chair needs to someone who is up and down all the time.

FACT 3: An office chair needs to fit with the desk it’s associated with. By making this your objective, coupled with ergonomic design, you ensure the ideal solution is available for each employee’s posture, comfort, and functional needs.

So what features does an office chair need to have to ensure it fits the bill for your staff?
Lumbar support – Supporting the lower back is an important step towards preventing future back problems, and it can also help mitigate existing ones too.

Seat height adjustment – Office chairs with seat height adjustment ensure that each person is able to sit at the right level against their desk, relative to the length of their body and arms etc. This helps to keep each member of staff working efficiently.

Backrest – Both vertical and backward/forward adjustability in your office chairs will help to maintain comfort whilst providing the right support. A tilt mechanism can make a significant difference too.

Arm rests – These too need to be adjustable to provide additional support where needed.

Swivel-ability – Rotation helps an individual switch from working at one part of their desk to another, easily and without strain.

Stability – Office chairs with a five star base should provide ample stability in most environments.

Seat padding – This provides both a comfort factor and a functional factor, by reducing strain on the coccyx.

How can CamHam help?
First and foremost, we offer knowledge and experience that can help you choose the right design and range for your staff needs. Once we have a good understanding of your requirements, we will point you towards the office chairs and seating that we think we will work best for you. All shapes, sizes, colours and finishes are available, but always, ergonomic design is at the forefront of our minds when making a recommendation. So whichever office chairs you choose you can be assured you are catering well for the needs of your employees.

For more information, or just to pick our brains on what will work best for your business, give us a call!

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