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Changing habits with office cabinets…

Jul 6, 2017

Improving productivity with office cabinets… bet you wouldn’t have planned to put those two into a sentence together. But they work harmoniously when you think about it.

Improving productivity with office cabinets… bet you wouldn’t have planned to put those two into a sentence together. But they work harmoniously when you think about it. Efficiency and improved productivity are what will make your accountant jump for joy, despite there being a small invoice to process for some office cabinets. You see, by adjusting a few processes, archiving unnecessary filing, and lifting morale with a tidy office… your workforce will inevitably become more productive.

Office cabinets promote better work habits

Let’s face it, a tidy well-organised office oozes professionalism and effectiveness. And that’s not just to visitors and clients. It’s to your staff too. And office cabinets are a key component in achieving that professional look and inspiring attitude. Easy to arrange – just do it!

Business processes run more smoothly

When office cabinets are automatically a part of how your staff arrange their work, frustration is reduced instantly. Things are easy to find, which significantly saves time. Communication is vastly improved. Tempers are less likely to fray.  And that’s not to mention that staff are less distracted.

Office cabinets make for a healthier work environment

Seriously, they do. The organised nature of your filing and paperwork reduces stress, protects employees from unnecessary tripping hazards like piles of files, and makes the office easy to keep clean. That, coupled with the boosted morale and sense of pride an employee has when they walk in each morning, makes installing office cabinets a winning solution for everyone.

Temporary staff can find things

If someone is away then anyone stepping into their role for a while, be that a temp or just another member of staff will find things much easier. Well-organised office cabinets make life simple for those not in the know. Help them, and keep your office productive.

What office cabinet solutions can CamHam help you with?

You won’t be surprised to learn that we have a wide range of options to offer you!

Filing cabinets – The mainstay of all good office cabinet storage solutions, filing cabinets can be for both individual and communal use. You can choose from very traditional metal designs, all the way to heat/stain resistant MFC. Colours and finishes are plentiful as well. The key feature to watch for is that the drawers are 100% extending with anti-tilt mechanisms. And don’t forget to make sure your choice is robust enough to take a significant weight especially when opened.
Office cabinets-cum-cupboards – These useful cabinets come in heat/stain resistant MFC with a wide range of finishes to match other office furniture. They can have fixed or adjustable shelves, be glass fronted or panel fronted, and have tambour doors too.
Drawer pedestals and side filers – Ideally, what you’re looking for here are office cabinets that fit neatly under a desk. They can come with 2 or 3 drawers. We recommend you look out for the anti-tilt mechanism, and also that they’re lockable. Units with castor wheels are easier to manoeuvre – just make sure they’ve got brake locks!
So if you’re wondering if there are any cost-effective, quick fix solutions to improving efficiency and productivity out there… have a think about office cabinets. And once that thought has sunk in, give us a call!

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