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Office seating… it’s not just about chairs at desks

Jun 12, 2018

We won’t hold it against you for thinking that office seating is all about sitting at a desk. That is probably what the majority of office seating is used for.

We won’t hold it against you for thinking that office seating is all about sitting at a desk. That is probably what the majority of office seating is used for. But let us take this opportunity to broaden your thoughts to other areas within an office that still need a considered approach for seating arrangements. Areas such as the reception, meeting rooms, the boardroom, not to mention communal spaces. To make your employees feel valued, your suppliers feel welcomed, and your visitors comfy, it’s worth you thinking about this every day aspect…

Types of office seating


Managers’ Chairs & Executive Seating

Managerial and executive style office seating obviously has to convey status, as well as be functionally designed for comfort. It’s likely to be made from different materials to normal operator seating; leather is often used, for example, and with a lot more padding. And designs also have to work with the executive style desks in use, which are often a notch above the work horse workstations used every day by busy staff.

Meeting Rooms & Boardrooms

Office seating for meetings have to be functionally comfortable. Meetings can go on for a long time. People need to stay attentive, so they don’t want the distraction of being uncomfortable. Also one has to consider that meeting rooms are often small(ish), so the style of office seating chosen needs to promote a sense of spaciousness; you don’t want creativity or focus feeling cramped. 

Communal Areas

Good companies look after the wellbeing of their staff… and they trust them to do their jobs. So providing casual spaces for people to rest and chat is appreciated by employees. Communal seating can vary from modular setups, to tub chairs around coffee tables, to relaxed and easy sofas. Removable covers are recommended, purely because people will often drink coffee and snack whilst seated. And easy cleaning keeps the office looking chic and inviting.

The Reception Area

Your reception area is usually the first opportunity a visitor has to get their initial impression of you. It matters. The seating needs to reflect the quality and professionalism of your business. It also needs to be comfortable, welcoming and fresh. Choosing the right designs will have a huge impact on how well your reception does its job, therefore. Think carefully… What materials will work best? What colour scheme is most inviting? What layout will accommodate all visitors in the right way?

Work Stations

Of course, despite what we wrote at the beginning, an article on this subject wouldn’t be complete without making reference to workstation desk chairs. Choosing ergonomic designs will keep your staff happy, comfortable, and working effectively. And the appearance of professional efficiency will always be well interpreted by a visiting customer. Why miss such an opportunity to give a great subliminal message?

If you’d like to find out more about which office seating designs will work for your business, please do give us a call. We’d be delighted to chat through your requirements and make our recommendations!

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