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Commercial office furniture where do you start

May 1, 2018

…With CamHam, who are based in the Midlands! Is our immediate answer, because where else would you go for commercial office furniture? But then we would say that, wouldn’t we?!

…With CamHam, who are based in the Midlands! Is our immediate answer, because where else would you go for commercial office furniture? But then we would say that, wouldn’t we?! The thing is, whether you’re starting up, working from home, or setting up in an office, you still need an office desk, chair, and filing cabinet. And working with a respected, reliable commercial office furniture supplier based slap bang in the middle of the country in the Midlands makes life easy. It’ll save you having to go through the whole decision thing again for a while.

So what should you look for in a good commercial office furniture supplier?
We reckon there are three main features to look out for in a good commercial office furniture supplier…

They offer product ranges that are built with both quality and functionality in mind – Budget always comes into play when deciding on which commercial office furniture route to take, of course, but desks and chairs that are designed to be functional AND robust will make a difference. You want your drawers to slide smoothly. You need your filing cabinets to stay upright. You’ll thank us for suggesting your chair is ergonomically designed. Pick items that satisfy those criteria and you and your staff will remain smiling all day.
They offer reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful customer service – Every business operates better if they have good ongoing relationships with their suppliers. And a trustworthy commercial office furniture supplier should be included within that group. Being based in the Midlands means that CamHam can support businesses when they’re expanding anywhere in the country. But what we pride ourselves on in particular is knowing we’ll be there for you now, next year, and beyond.
They are mindful of both price and quality – No business wants, or should need, to spend more on its commercial office furniture than it has to. A supplier that understands how a budget affects the decisions a business can make is what you need. You’ll then be able to kit your office out with the right pieces to suit your requirements.
What commercial office furniture basics do you need?
Office Desks
We would recommend you choose office desks that are ergonomically designed and accommodate cabling/wiring too. You and your staff will then be functionally comfortable. Look for office storage solutions that go with each desk, and you’ll be taking a huge step towards facilitating efficient, productive working.

Office Chairs
If you choose ergonomically designed office chairs you will be providing your staff with the means to be comfortable whilst sitting at their desks. This will have a tremendous impact on efficiency and staff wellbeing. But it’s worth being mindful of the fact that different job roles have different office chair needs. An employee who is up and out of their seat frequently will have different needs to someone who sits still all day.

Office Storage
Don’t rely on piles! Get going with office storage right from the start and you’ll keep what could result in chaos working efficiently instead. The types of office storage we’re talking about are:

Filing cabinets
Side filers
Book shelves

How can CamHam help?
As we’ve already said, we’re based in the Midlands so that makes it really easy for you to visit our showroom. It also makes it very easy for us to arrange delivery to anywhere in the UK. If you’d like to find out more about what commercial office furniture is available to you, then please do give us a ring. We’d be delighted to chat through your requirements in more detail!

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