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The Home Office Conundrum: How to keep work and life together, but separate!

Jul 13, 2015

Working from home can be great, but it can also have its downside. So, how can you create a fabulous home office space that’s functional, pleasant and a joy to work in, without it encroaching on the rest of your life?

Working from home can be great, but it can also have its downside. So, how can you create a fabulous home office space that’s functional, pleasant and a joy to work in, without it encroaching on the rest of your life?

First things first… chose which room/area you’re going to use, and then have a think about these 7 additional aspects in more detail:

1. Top of the list - your office desk.
We would recommend you treat yourself to a ‘proper’ office desk, and not just use a table. Office furniture is purposely designed to cater for wiring and all the paraphernalia that goes with IT equipment so as to keep it tidy and tucked away. It’s also usually adjustable so you can set the height correctly and look after your back (see point 2). Plus, you’re also going to need to think about where it should go. If you’re staring at a monitor all day, you need to make sure the space is well lit, so try to place your desk where this can be achieved via natural light if possible.

2. Next – your office chair.
Even though you’re working from home, you still need to be mindful of health and safety. If you’re going to be sitting at your desk for several hours a day, you need a well-designed office chair that’s comfortable, supportive and adjustable (height, direction etc.) to ensure you’re protecting your posture. A footstool might be in order too…

3. How can you reduce interruption and distraction?
 It is very important to try to separate yourself from every day goings-on in your house, so try to avoid placing your workstation near doors or walk ways. If your cat likes a certain route, it may be best to avoid putting your office chair in its way. And don’t, whatever you do, put a TV in your line of sight!

4. Should you redecorate?
Sounds absurd, but a change is as good as a rest, as they say. Even just painting the area a new colour will help your brain to link this new work space specifically to work… and nothing else! Make it a place you WANT to be for work.

5. How to stay focused.
It’s worth considering having a white board or large planner up in easy sight. There’s nothing like a ‘to do’ list in front of your nose to focus the mind. And it’s also important to have reference material that you use regularly close to hand, so make sure you have office shelving and cupboards within easy reach.

6. How can you prevent ‘spread’?
 It’s very important to keep your work IN your work space. The best way to do this is to have regularly used items easily accessible and this means good storage. A good filing cabinet, a well-designed under-desk pedestal, and attractive shelving/cupboards may be all you need to do the trick. And if you can get your office furniture from one supplier, you’re more likely to be able to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing aspect of matching items too!

7. Make it easy to switch off the light and walk away.
Setting specific work hours isn’t always easy for a home worker, and we think that it’s actually up to you to decide how you organise your time. But whatever you do, make sure your office space is organised in a way that supports your aim. If you want to be able to switch off and walk away from it every night, then design your space to achieve that. Ensure your storage enables you to put things away. Make it so your office chair can be tucked neatly under your desk. Work the lighting so it’s not all ‘in your face’ when you don’t want it to be.

How can CamHam help?

When you’ve considered all the above points, the most important thing to remember is that your home office needs to be a place in which you want to work. Make sure it reflects your personality and design it so it’s comfortable, functional but also makes you smile. For further advice on what office furniture will best meet your administrative and ergonomic needs, contact us today. 

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