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Office seating… that’s just about desk chairs, right? No…

Jul 14, 2015

Naturally your first thought, when it comes to office seating, is what your staff will be using whilst they work.

Naturally your first thought, when it comes to office seating, is what your staff will be using whilst they work. However, if you think about the last time you turned up to a meeting elsewhere, you’ll remember that there were other key office areas that offered seating too; the reception; meeting rooms; the boardroom; communal areas… you get my drift. Therefore, it’s important that businesses offer employees, customers and visitors the right seating for the occasion or moment in time.

Let’s take a look at the different types of seating:

Work stations

Operator seating needs to be ergonomically designed to enable the user to work effectively, in comfort, all day – if needs be. So, not only is it important that it enables them to move, get up and down, swivel etc., but it also needs to protect their back and their posture. If you’d like to find out more, our article on ergonomic furniture design provides additional information.

Manager’s chairs and executive seating

Designed for both style and comfort, managerial and executive seating needs to convey purpose and status, as well as be functionally well designed. It will, therefore, often be slightly different to operator seating; matching, but clearly designed for those who enjoy a different status in the business.

Meeting rooms and boardrooms

Attendees at meetings and conferences often have to sit for long periods of time, crammed in together. The key is to choose seating that is compact and fits into the room nicely without feeling cramped, yet is still sturdy and comfortable enough for people to sit for at least an hour or so. Additional features may also be useful, such as writing pads for note taking, if a desk or table is not available.

Seating for communal areas

Often, offices have casual areas that are suitable for people needing a quick chat or are waiting to speak to someone, and these spaces lend themselves to seating that is more relaxed and inviting. So, depending on the area and the use, you may be thinking of anything from tub style single chairs and sofas, to modular seating systems that can be set out according to the shape in which they are located. Removable covers may also be a useful consideration, especially if food or children are involved, to enable easy cleaning.

Reception area seating

One of the most important spaces in an office, the reception area needs to give the best impression it can for your business, read more here. The seating should have a quality feel, as well as be comfortable, welcoming and fresh. So even though you may have kitted your office space out with functionally robust material covered chairs, you may decide that leather faced seating is more appropriate for your reception and communal areas.

How can CamHam help?

As you can see, office seating is NOT just about desk chairs… but, don’t worry! At CamHam, we offer everything from operator seating, to executive office chairs, to modular systems and breakout seating.

We can advise on both new and used office seating for businesses of all shapes and sizes, to help you work out what is best for your business. Based in Northampton, we deliver office furniture to most UK areas including Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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