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Starting up in Northampton? You’ll be needing computer office furniture then…

Jul 1, 2018

Computer office furniture is a starting point for any new venture. And that, in itself, begins with a good computer desk.

Computer office furniture is a starting point for any new venture. And that, in itself, begins with a good computer desk. Being based in Northampton, in the heart of a county that thrives on small businesses and start-ups, we at CamHam are able to supply superb computer office furniture quickly and easily to local businesses, as well as further afield. So, if you’re on the hunt for a good computer desk, or any other computer office furniture, then read on…

What are the key features of a good computer desk?

Size matters

The obvious limiting factor for squeezing any computer office furniture into a room is how much space you have to work with. But size is about depth AND length when it comes to accommodating computer equipment; you’ll be wanting to have easy access to quite a lot of paraphernalia remember. For starters, many people like to work with more than one monitor these days. And then there are keyboards, mouse mats, and spaghetti bundles of cabling etc. Sounds obvious, but only well designed computer office furniture takes these factors into account. And, of course, there’s still often the need for filing trays and other working bits and bobs to fit in too.

Coming from another angle on shape

But it’s not only the size of your office space, but also its dimensions that affect what shape computer office furniture you can have; so you’ll be pleased to know there’s a lot to choose from.

  • Rectangular – A good base to work with when room is in short supply.
  • L-Shaped – Handy for making the most of a corner, and keeping cables out of the way. One side can be used for laptop work, the other side for meetings, perhaps. But obviously it’s up to you how you use the work space available to you.
  • U-Shaped – This starts to make your work space feel a bit more like a mini-office. Great when space is not at a premium.
  • Corner – Like An L-Shaped computer desk, just more so.

The economics of ergonomic design

We’d say that all computer office furniture needs to be ergonomically designed, but a computer desk particularly so. Why? Because a computer desk that’s been ergonomically designed will minimise the risk of repetitive strain injury and other body stress related problems; that raises morale and reduces absence. Depending on the work that’s being carried out, ergonomic adjustments also include height and tilt (if a drawing board is required). And all these improve efficiency, keep your staff smiling, which then should increase your bottom line…

Attention to detail… helpful extras

We’d also suggest you consider the following because computer office furniture that facilitates efficient working matters. Features to consider are:

Cable management
Keyboard tray
Storage eg. drawers
A final note from us in Northampton…
At the beginning of this article we focused on how we supply many businesses in Northampton and surrounding areas, but of course we can supply far further afield too. So if you’d like to pick our brains, please do give us a ring. We know a thing or two about computer office furniture and we love to share the love…

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