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Starting up in Northampton? Have you considered used office furniture?

Sep 18, 2018

Northampton and its county is renowned for its flourishing small businesses, and that gives us at CamHam a rich selection of used office furniture to offer new business owners.

Companies are moving office all the time, expanding, taking on more staff and needing to change their office setup. When they speak to us about kitting out their new locations with superb furniture solutions, we can also make it super-easy for them to trade in their existing items as they move. And that means plenty of high quality, matching used office furniture collections just waiting to find a new home. Which is ideal for a start-up…

Top 3 benefits of starting off with used office furniture

It’s incredible value for money

Just as with a new car, the moment new office furniture has been delivered it’s deemed ‘used’ and is no longer worth what it was. The ironic thing is, used office furniture is often in near tip-top condition – there’s barely a scratch or a dent in any of it. The quality, robust durability, and appearance of each item is still great. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, to take full advantage of the cost saving that goes with it… Worth thinking about, eh?

You can show that you mean business

When you’re starting up, cash is pouring out of your bank account like water over Niagara Falls’ but it’s still critical you get your business image right from the start. Often, therefore, you need to punch above your weight. Used office furniture is an ideal solution. From day one, your staff can be working efficiently and with pride. We sell matching workstations and accessories, so it really doesn’t have to look like you’ve raided a garage sale. And the best thing is… it can be delivered right away!

You can wave a genuinely green flag

Many small businesses are keen to pursue a caring approach to the environment. It’s not just about having a policy, it’s about actually walking the talk too. Used office furniture is an ideal method of illustrating this stance. You are clearly recycling in a practical way, reducing landfill, and keeping packaging and mileage down too.

Why choose CamHam for your used office furniture?

If you’re in Northampton, or the Midlands in general… we’re local. Plus:

  • Our office clearance service enables us to properly understand the state any used office furniture is in when we collect it. We only resell items that are in excellent condition.
  • When we clear an office, we’re often able to keep collections and styles together to resell. So a new start business can still enjoy nicely matching furniture.
  • Our clearance team is fully trained in disassembling and reassembling office furniture… so it stays in excellent condition.

So, if you’re starting up, revamping, or even moving to larger premises in or around Northampton, please do pop in and see what we’ve got in our used office furniture stock before you do anything else. We reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can get!

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