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Office clearance… Don’t take the Michael, recycle!

Sep 24, 2018

Office clearance; sifting through the old and making way for the new. It can be prompted by a revamp in the same building, or an office move, but odds on a small business will still be keen to be seen to be green.

Often, though, with the huge amount of change that’s being managed at a time like this, it also means the environment drops slightly in priority. We’re all human. But that needn’t be the case…

The last thing any office manager really wants to have to be involved with are the detailed logistics of the actual office clearance. And we at CamHam specialise in office clearance as a service. So we decided it was worth sharing a few thoughts on the subject to give you peace of mind; it really is OK to turn to an outside firm to do the leg work at a time like this.

The nuts and bolts of office clearance…

…because there are quite a few of nuts and bolts involved sometimes; dissembling office furniture, taking down shelving and other fixtures, and basically emptying the space. To do the job properly, it has to be done with pride. Those carrying it out need to care about working tidily, with attention to detail, in a timely fashion. You want the minimum of down time. But you will also appreciate working with specialists, we suspect, because there are other aspects of office clearance that you may not have thought about, such as:

  • Secure document disposal
  • Secure document destruction
  • Safe and regulated disposal of any items that are not recyclable
  • Trained furniture handlers to disassemble items safely
  • Office furniture recycling where possible
  • Safe and regulated electrical waste disposal (WEEE Recycliing)
  • Office cleaning
  • Secure storage of your goods

We also help you take a big step towards minimising your carbon footprint

But putting our environmental hat on, office clearance is a superb opportunity to put green policies into practice. And we place a lot of emphasis on doing this.

  • Where possible, we look to re-sell the used office furniture items we collect from a project. We’ve trained our team in how to dismantle office furniture properly so we can then reassemble it in its new home. This ensures office desks etc. remain robust whilst still looking in superb condition. It also means we can offer used office furniture ranges, with properly matching desks, pedestals and cabinet units.
  • There are times when a piece cannot be resold, however. It’s simply not in good enough condition any longer. When this is the case, we break it down into its component parts and dispose of every bit appropriately. Our time in the business has enabled us to build up good relationships with specialist recycling partners, which makes it win/win for you, us, and them.

Our pledge to you…

So here it is. We always aim is to reuse and/or recycle ninety five percent of the used office furniture items that we gather through an office clearance project. What remains is, as you’ve read, then recycled in an environmentally friendly way. So if you have an office clearance project looming and like the sound of that, please do give us a call. We’d be delighted to help!


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