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Hospitality furniture for pubs… It’s all about YOUR space

Oct 2, 2018

What’s on the market as hospitality furniture for pubs is as broad as it is wide. And yes, getting the right look and quality matters significantly.

However, going back a step… If you’re struggling to pick something, it probably helps to understand first what layout is best for your space and your market.

So we thought we’d take a few minutes to give you some tips. Who knows, maybe then you’ll be able to search ‘hospitality furniture for pubs’ on the internet and find the right inspiration.

  1.  Think about your clients
    What sort of comfort are your clients looking for? Hospitality furniture for pubs can offer everything from minimalism in the extreme, to chintzy floral grandeur, to something in between. When a customer walks in, it’s got to suit their taste and their comfort requirements. So you need to cater for that. If they’re going to sit down to talk, ensure the cushion padding is firm but still gentle and the chair backs support in the right way. Also provide tables that stand at the right height, because it may sound obvious, but a venue will fail if it gets this bit wrong.
  2. Consider your available space carefully
    Your space is your asset, don’t squander it… but don’t clog it up either. People do like to sit down, but they tend to accept that one can’t always be seated in a pub, so don’t worry. And don’t forget that people need to be able to walk around without feeling hemmed in. Hospitality furniture for pubs is designed to work with this approach well. Once you know how you want to use your space, you will be able to find the right range without a problem.
  3. Decide how you want to utilise the bar area
    The actual bar where the serving takes place is an interesting area. Sometimes you will want people standing there and chatting. Other times, however, when you’re busy, you’ll want them to get their drinks and move elsewhere. Stools that can tuck up next to the bar when it’s busy are a great way of catering for this flexibly.
  4. Think socialising
    If there’s no other objective, hospitality furniture for pubs needs to encourage socialising. Communal seating will enable large groups to sit, drink, and chatter.  Smaller clusters of seating and tables will appeal to families and small meet-ups after work. Cater for both if you can. And when it’s busy, let’s face it… people still like to have somewhere to put their drink and call ‘my space’ for a short while. So standing tables dotted around can facilitate this well, whilst using up less space because there is no seating associated with them.

Of course, each pub has its own nuances and USPs. Only you know who comes in to drink, eat, and chat. Catering specifically for your customer base is what you need to do. Hospitality furniture for pubs has to work with YOUR market, not the other way round; pick the right range and it will do exactly that. Now go have some fun investigating. And if it helps…

Give us a call! We’d be delighted to have a chat with you and share ideas.

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