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Office reception furniture… The ultimate welcoming first impression

Oct 16, 2018

It can seem a bit surface-level at times, but it is the way it is… First impressions matter, and how your office reception furniture supports that makes a difference.

When the weather is grim, and the chilly wind is biting through a coat, a welcoming reception area will leave a good lasting impression. At that moment, when they’re taking off their coat and brushing off the raindrops, the quality of your products and services may be superb but it’ll be the fresh, warm, welcome that you offer that they’ll be thinking about. People remember how you make them feel…

So working out what office reception furniture will work for you… matters.

How is the reception area used?

With regard to visitors, it has to reflect the professionalism and quality of your business offering. So, it often makes most sense for the seating to have more of a plush rather than stark feel to it. Basically, it has to be comfortable in a stylish and not purely functional way. Your office staff may sit on robust, material covered chairs, but your visitors are likely to be more impressed by leather faced seating, for example.

However, from the perspective of your staff, it may be considered more of a communal area; a place for a quick chat. That’s a good thing. For when visitors arrive, people already conversing and using the area provides atmosphere and a sense of busyness. The hustle and bustle of commerce, you could say. So in this respect, your office reception furniture may need to lend itself to offering seating that is relaxed and inviting.

Office reception furniture aspects to consider…

The reception desk… The obvious item for us to list first. The reception desk fulfils multiple functions. First off, it’s THE piece of office furniture that a visitor will take note of. It HAS to reflect the personality of your business therefore. But secondly, it often has someone working at it too. So it needs to be able to cater for IT equipment, telephone cabling, paperwork… and actual work space.

Soft seating… This is the next most obvious item. Your office reception seating is where a visitor will bide their time until they are ushered into the inner sanctum. Reception chairs and sofas need to look good but they also need to be durable, so removable covers are a good idea. And it might be that the flexibility of modular seating will enable you to set out furniture to suit the shape of your space. You can also always add a few tub chairs to facilitate more intimate chats.

Coffee tables… And these should never be overlooked. They are where a coffee cup can be placed, of course. But they’re also where company literature can be casually left for review.

CamHam’s last word…

So there you go. If we all accept that first impressions do count, and that come rain or shine your office reception furniture can affect how visitors perceive your business, it makes sense to consider your choices carefully. And with that said, you’ll probably be glad, therefore, to know that all items come in a variety of materials, finishes, shapes, colours and sizes. You just need to pick the impression you want to make… and we’ll arrange the rest!

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