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Office Furniture in Kettering – It’s an increasing phenomenon!

Oct 24, 2018

An odd title, but bear with us…

So, did you know Kettering is part of the largest growth area outside of London? Population grew by 27% between 1991 and 2014; that’s 15% more than the national average and 9% more than the regional average (reference below*). And more people, in this case, does mean more businesses.

So what’s that got to do with office furniture? Well, this also means, therefore, that the quantity of office furniture in Kettering is actually increasing… but you’ll have guessed that already. What really matters is the answer to our next key question: so what?

Those of you who know us won’t be surprised to learn that having done a little reflecting on this matter, we came up with several answers…

More office furniture in Kettering means:

  • More start-ups are taking the bold move to get going
  • More businesses are expanding
  • Larger businesses are moving into the area

And all those things mean that more people have great jobs that they enjoy… whilst sitting comfortably working in good office chairs at good office desks, of course. Business gurus are working hard to bring over 8,000 additional jobs to the area by 2031. That sounds a long way away, but it isn’t. And to help matters further, the associated infrastructure is being put in place too; Kettering is working hard towards putting its name on the commercial map.

But there’s even more to catch an enquiring business owner’s eye. Get this, right… 75% of the country’s population live within two hours of the town. That makes it a very accessible hub for B2C and B2B suppliers. And no surprise, therefore, that in 2016 Kettering was named in the top 50 most investable towns in the country.

So more office furniture in Kettering is great news for start-ups!

Yup, that’s right, because all of this growth and change means that fabulous start-ups out there can tap into a constant supply of superb used office furniture in our showroom. It means that they have access to outstanding quality, barely scuffed, matching working stations, office chairs, office desks, and office storage. And it means they can be up and running almost overnight.

So… if you’re starting a business in Kettering and are keen to:

  • Punch above your weight with great looking office furniture;
  • Work to a tight budget;
  • Appreciate the green (recycling) aspect of using used office furniture;
  • And generally just get a kick out of superb value for money

… then you should come and have a chat with us. We’ll kit your office out in no time at all, and you can be boosting Kettering’s local economy in a flash!

* Kettering Borough Council, Economic Development Plan 2017-2025

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