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Starting out and kitting out with office furniture in… Corby

Nov 1, 2018

Corby is on a roll. It’s on a roll in all sorts of ways, of course, but particularly with respect to established businesses, start-ups, and… from our perspective… office furniture.

 Population is growing, houses are being built, and business parks are springing up. Office furniture in Corby has never been so in demand! So what’s going on?

Corby is competitive for business costs

Put simply, it’s a great place to start a business. Business costs in the town are 5.3% less than in the rest of the East Midlands*; and we’re talking land, rents, and business rates here. There is also a well-skilled, well-qualified, well-motivated labour force in the area, including a superb supply of people with trade skills and/or machining experience. But Corby’s also enjoyed a strong manufacturing base for some time and those skills are available to smaller businesses too. We’re talking logistics and warehousing, retail and commercial trading, and wholesale and distribution. It’s no wonder that smaller SMEs can ride off the back of all this and enjoy great pickings.

Corby is great for start-up businesses

According to moreincorby.co.uk, Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, Northamptonshire County Council, and Corby Borough Council are working hard to support all businesses moving into Corby. They’re keen to help them get going, of course, but they’re also keen to continue with the support once they’re established. “Pro-growth and pro-investment” are the terms they use, which, we confess, sound perfect.

There’s a lot of help at hand

Corby has also been awarded Assisted Area Status, which brings with it financial support and other opportunities. For example, Corby businesses are eligible to submit applications for a portion of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund. They’re also eligible for SEMLEP’s Velocity Revenue Grants. Plus there’s EU ICT Escalator support, Ready 2 Grow support (for start-ups and fast growers), Innovate Northamptonshire support, and Velocity support for high growth businesses. It’s buzzing with activity, and always ready for more. So, if you’re starting up…

How can CamHam help?

Well, being based in Northamptonshire we’ve been supplying office furniture in Corby for quite a while now. We’ve seen the growth these public organisations refer to, and we know it’s real. We therefore have a superb set of contacts in Corby to help start-ups get going. We know that it’s not just our world that is filled with office furniture, but the whole business world in general, really; the subject just possibly doesn’t catch everyone’s eye as much as it does ours. But that’s because something so necessary is basically taken for granted once it’s in place. And to be able to take something for granted, it has to do its job properly, day in, day out, without a hitch. That’s the kind of office furniture we like to supply. And that’s the kind of office furniture our customers get.

So… if you are looking at starting up in business, have spotted how Corby really could be THE place for you to get going, and now need to build up a good network of reliable suppliers, give us a call. We have the knowledge. We have the contacts. And… we have exactly the office furniture you’re going to need.



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