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Office clearance… Out with the (c)old!

Dec 5, 2018

It’s amazing how the interior of an office can set your mood. Something drab and tired can really force the chill of winter into your bones, despite being inside.

There’s something about a slightly… dare we say ‘depressing’ (?)… scene that does the opposite of warm the cockles of your heart. If you’re at that point, despite it being December it’s not too late to get things arranged before the New Year kicks off. You just need to think OFFICE CLEARANCE.

Office clearance… sounds time consuming, but it’s needn’t be

The run up to Christmas can either be a mad rush or a countdown to relaxation. Whichever it is, the idea of organising an office clearance project may be appealing but daunting. However, it needn’t be. If your office needs a revamp in January, now is most definitely the time to organise a clear out and get things ready. And fear not, we can do the leg work for you.

What’s involved?

Packing up shelves of files and taking your existing office furniture to pieces is the first obvious task to mention. Both need to be done with attention to detail and it’s important that the technicians work tidily. Paperwork should be labelled properly. And desks, chairs, and shelves etc. that can be resold need to be kept in good condition, with all the necessary nuts and bolts retained.

But that’s not all there is to office clearance. We know that you need the minimum amount of down time. And at CamHam we can also help with other aspects too:

·         Temporary storage in a secure facility

·         Confidential document destruction

·         Recycling of all items that can be recycled through approved third parties

·         Disposal of any items that are not recyclable in a safe and regulated way

·         Safe and regulated electrical waste disposal (WEEE Recycliing)

·         Approved office cleaners

How green can office clearance be?

The answer to that is… very. At CamHam we look to re-sell used office furniture where we can. Our technicians are trained to disassemble items properly so they can then be rebuilt at a later date. This gives customers looking for used office furniture the opportunity to buy proper matching sets, and you the peace of mind that your business has reduced the carbon footprint of the world by just a little bit.

Of course, there are always items of office furniture that can’t be resold. And in these cases, we break them down into their component parts and dispose of each bit appropriately. We have strong relationships with good recycling partners and make the most of those relationships.

So why not arrange that office clearance now?

We have to ask... If you’re looking around and thinking a bit of ‘out with the (c)old’ is actually just what you need before the end of the year, give us a call! We’d be delighted to arrange a date to chase away the chill of the gloom and shed a warm glow across your office as soon as you’d like us to.

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