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Office move planned? 5 top tips to make it a smooth one…

Jul 25, 2015

Office moves can be traumatic, dramatic and often very time consuming, and rarely does one feel ecstatic during them.

Office moves can be traumatic, dramatic and often very time consuming, and rarely does one feel ecstatic during them.  So, having helped many businesses make their move across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, as well as further afield, we thought we’d share some of the things we’ve learned through our office location services…

You must plan
Plan your plan (liaise with your staff).
Create your plan (tasks, timing, staff members responsible etc).
Plan a bit more (consider vendors, who you need to inform of your move, critical turning points, disaster recovery etc).
And once you’ve got your plan… check your plan (do a mental practice run of it). Honestly… it pays to get this bit right!
Involve your staff.
Here are some key aspects for which they can perhaps be responsible:

Filing cabinets - this is a wonderful opportunity to have that clear out everyone knows needs to happen.
Desks - get staff to go through their drawers and chuck out the rubbish and clear the surfaces of accumulated clutter that doesn’t need to make the move.
Under-desk storage/pedestals – clear, clear, clear!
Give employees a box for their personal items.
Make each member of staff responsible for a particular piece of equipment or office section.
Computer backups and IT support
Liaise with your IT department or IT support company long in advance of the move.
Ensure that they know what cabling etc needs to be in place in advance at the new location.
Request that they draw up a moving plan and take the time to go through it with them. Make sure it meets your needs.
Create a paper/digital layout of the new office
Workout where each workstation and required office area is going to be.
Get input from your staff so there’s no bickering once the move begins.
Check sizes and dimensions! (Will your boardroom furniture fit? Or do you need to exchange it in for a new set?).
Think about storage
Now is the time to work out what can be stored off-site, and what should be relocated to the new place.
Think about what office shelving, cabinets, pedestals, cupboards and tambours you need.
Make sure you have enough storage space so everything has a home as soon as it arrives at the new office.
And P.S. When the time is right, update your website, stationery, social media profiles etc.

How can CamHam help?
At CamHam we have a lot of experience in both installing office furniture and taking office furniture ‘down’ and reinstalling it elsewhere. Our professional team of installers work with care and precision and thus can help to lessen one of the more stressful aspects of your office move. Plus, we are fully insured and have a fleet of our vehicles that cater for the job perfectly.

So, whether you’re staying within Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, or Buckinghamshire, or moving further afield, CamHam can help to reduce the strain.  If you’re planning an office move, or if you simply have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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