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Top ten tips for getting the most out of your hospitality furniture

Dec 12, 2018

Hospitality furniture takes quite a beating over the festive period. If you chose the right ranges for your needs, then your furniture will no doubt survive and continue to function well and look good. But of course, there are always a few things you can be doing the rest of the time in order to give it the best chance of making it through to the New Year.

We thought, therefore, that it was worth sharing some top tips on how to keep your hospitality furniture in prime condition, so it can continue to do you justice.

CamHam’s top ten tips for maintaining your hospitality furniture

1.       Watch the elements - If possible, it’s always best to keep furniture away from direct sunlight and heating vents. Both can do untold damage.

2.       Rotate pieces periodically; move them around – This helps to reduce the impact of any atmospheric hot/cold/damp spots. It also makes sense to move accessories from time to time too, for it prevents bleaching marks.

3.       Clean and polish regularly – This will help to stop a build-up of grease and dust, which in turn reduces the risk of stains, marks, and scratches.

4.       Use the right cleaning products for the surface being cleaned – This sounds obvious, but it can be very tempting, when you’re pushed for time, to just use what you’ve got to hand. Don’t. Your diligence will save you money. Polishes, waxes, oil treatments, and cleaners are formulated to clean and protect your furniture in their individual way.

5.       Look after your leather and it will look after you – Wipe up spills immediately, dust it regularly with a soft cloth, and use cleaning products specifically formulated for leather. Your efforts will pay off.

6.       Don’t drag rattan items around – Lift them. Dragging can cause splitting and shorten their life significantly.

7.       Protect wood finishes by using felt – By choosing accessories with a felt base, such as lamps and vases, you will reduce the risk of scratches.

8.       Don’t use alcohol-based cleaners on metal – This will corrode the surface. Instead, simply wipe metal with a damp cloth and then wipe it dry.

9.       Check the cleaning instructions for upholstery before you clean – Different fabrics require different treatments, and reputable hospitality furniture manufacturers will provide instructions. We recommend you test an inconspicuous area first.

10.   Use deodorizers from time to time – They have enzymes that destroy unpleasant odours by consuming the matter that’s causing the problem.

Sharing the message with your staff

Of course, with all that said, it’s critical that your staff share the same eagerness for quality furniture as you do. So to keep them on message, we recommend that every establishment has a written maintenance policy. It doesn’t need to be a scary document. But it can set out how you expect your staff to treat your hospitality furniture, and what you advise them to do. Such a manual can also include:

·         Details on how to solve common problems and what to look out for

·         Information on how to clean different materials and surfaces

·         Specifics on which products to use on what

·         How to spot when a specialist cleaner is required

And, as a final word… of course, if the party season does see a few casualties fall by the way side, don’t forget you can always give us a ring. We’d be delighted to help you find replacements.

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