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Office desks and the art of Secret Santa…

Dec 17, 2018

Yes… it’s that time of year, when we look up from our office desks, peer out of the window across Northampton, and scratch our heads. Secret Santa. Need we say more?!

Everyone thinks it’s a great idea, until it’s time to actually go shopping. So we thought, whilst lists are being compiled and Northampton’s shops get excited and fill their shelves with £10 goodies, we’d offer you some tips for getting it right.

Golden rules of Secret Santa shopping

We were actually only half joking when we wrote the title for this. Often the problem with Secret Santa is that you pull the name of a person you don’t know very well. You might only say hello occasionally, which can make gift choice very hard. However, if that’s what’s happened to you this year, fret not, because our first golden rule for Secret Santa is to surreptitiously check out their office desk when you can…

Find out what they’re like

Office desks are actually great personality give-aways. Even if your company operates a clear desk policy overnight, during the day you will be able to glean some useful nuggets of information. Are they married? Do they have any photos of their family visible? Are there any hints of hobbies? How organised (or not) does their office desk look? Start investigating asap.

Don’t go over (or under) budget

Spend too little, people will think you’re miserly or lazy; spend too much and they’ll think you didn’t buy it at all! Keeping these things fun but fair is critical for ensuring the right dynamic is maintained. We know that the whole point of it being secret is that they’ll never know who chose their present, but you don’t want someone to think you didn’t make any effort at all.

You can make it stylishly practical

If you don’t know someone, but you see that their office desk could accommodate another photograph to go with the others, by all means choose a nice frame. Or pick a funky keyring that’s themed to match a hobby. It will make that person feel considered and appreciated.

Consider something amusing for their office desk

Of course, humour can be hard to judge. However, our rules of thumb are: a) Don’t make it personal, b) Don’t make it rude, political, or offensive, and c) Instead make it something that will trigger a smile every morning when they sit down at their office desk to work. Judge it perfectly… and everyone will want one. And how great would that feel, eh?

Hopefully, just reading these few pointers has helped to remove that knot in your stomach. And now that we’ve shared our wisdom, it’s probably time for us to head to Northampton high street and start walking the talk. It won’t surprise you that we have a fair few office desks to grace with our trinkets…

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