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The post-party panacea – your office furniture ;-)

Dec 21, 2018

Yes, that’s right. Your office furniture really can help you get through the morning after the night before. Don’t believe us? Read on…

Think office storage not office floorage

Before you go out partying, it makes sense to get everything stashed away and safe in drawers. Clear the aisles. Remove the trip hazards. Get yourselves organised. When you walk back into the office the morning after a work’s night out… you’ll be so glad of the office storage you’ve had to hand. We often say it’s a case of a ‘good de-clutter will make your heart flutter’. Which takes us onto our next important point…

Filing cabinets should be well-built, with NO tilt

If you’ve made sure you’ve got the right filing cabinets for the job, you’ll be saving your staff from the risk of sore tootsies in the morning. There’s only one thing worse than a filing cabinet that tips forward every time you pull out a drawer… It’s a filing cabinet that tips over when you’re tired; the ‘don’t open two drawers at a time’ rule is easy to forget when you’re hunting for the Paracetamol. But if you’ve only just realised this, take heart; at least you can put it on your ‘to do’ list for January… and get ordering!

Be chair aware… think ergonomics

You won’t want everyone falling asleep as soon as they get into the office, obviously, but offering them a bit of comfort as they nurse their heads is a good idea. Ergonomically designed chairs WILL keep them working for longer when they’re tired. So think of it like this… the well-chosen office chair actually pays for itself over time. Nice thought, eh?

Work space = workstation elation

Office desks that have been designed with ergonomics and job function in mind… will be worth their weight in gold the day after a night out. People need a little extra space, and they’ll thank you for making their lives just that little bit easier for a day. A fuzzy head needs space to spread.

You’ll never be gladder you’ve got an office ladder

Sometimes, when people are feeling a tad lethargic and lazy, it’s tempting to just stand on their office chair to get something down from the top shelf. But the top shelf can be a danger to their ‘ealth… Make sure there’s a step ladder to hand, and make sure your staff use it! You don’t want any trips to A&E on Christmas Eve.

A festive final thought

So there you have it. We’ve proven, once again, that we have one track minds and can even find ways that your office furniture can help you survive the morning after the Christmas party. But let’s face it… it’ll also serve you well at the beginning of January too. So get your office furniture working for you, not against you. And keep your staff smiling whilst they’re filing. There’s nothing like a bit of festive cheer before the New Year!

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