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Raise a cheer for the New Year with some new office furniture… sound good?

Dec 29, 2018

2019 is looming. You’ve made your plans for next year and got your strategies in place. When 2nd January strikes, you now feel ready to hit the ground running.

But as you sit back and resist that third mince pie, it’s worth letting one more thought cross your mind. Is there anything else that needs a bit of a rethink before you can truly relax for New Year’s Eve?

Of course there is. The office could do with a bit of a revamp. It’s needed pepping up for a while. New Year, new office furniture… it’s definitely got a ring to it, eh?

Picking the right office furniture

If you’re keen to move things up a level to reflect just how far your business has developed, we would suggest there are a few aspects you have to consider. Whatever office furniture you choose, it needs to:

  • Be designed to functionally support your work flows and processes
  • Be built to last
  • Look good so it boosts morale and inspires pride in your business
  • Accommodate the latest technology
  • Reflect the professionalism and quality of your business
  • Be ergonomically designed to protect the wellbeing of your staff
  • Elicit a smile every morning

So where do you start? Well, of course we’d say come and have a chat with us… because we know what we’re talking about, and we care.

A superb selection of office furniture awaits your eager eyes

Honestly, we pride ourselves on the amount of choice we can offer. We understand that different types of job role have different office furniture needs. And we want your business to work as efficiently as it can… so you grow and come back for more!

But what are we talking about here?

  • Working at laptops: If you’re typing away on your laptop all day, you’re very likely to want a docking station and monitor too. You need desks that can accommodate these things, both space-wise and cable-wise… We’ve got a great selection of workstations for you to choose from.
  • Shuffling papers: If you have staff sorting through piles and wading through paperwork, help them. Give them the desk space to do that easily. Give them the pedestal storage to keep their work space clutter-free. Give them the filing cabinets to put it all away every evening.
  • Meeting of minds: Some people spend most of their time in meetings. They’re liaising with colleagues, negotiating with suppliers, and instructing their staff. Give them a helping hand. Provide them with room for 1-2-1s at their desk. Ensure they have spare chairs. Make their lives easier.
  • Feeling alone on the phone: Liaising over the phone is a significant part of many a job these days, and providing a sense of privacy is a good thing. But it also helps to screen off distracting chatter for those working elsewhere. Taking layout into consideration, therefore, matters and accessories like office screens and plants can assist in creating the feel that no one single desk is taking over.

So… if you need some help deciding on how to create a bit of New Year cheer please do give us a ring and pop in. We’d be delighted to turn your thoughts into a New Year’s resolution you can keep.

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