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Make your office a haven… whatever the weather

Jan 18, 2019

Northamptonshire is no stranger to flooding. As last year’s 20th anniversary of the watery devastation that occurred at Easter in 1998 highlighted, disaster can strike at any time. And, of course, we all hope that sort of catastrophe doesn’t occur again across the county. Northamptonshire doesn’t need that kind of negativity!

But with wind and rain forecast, and the icy chill of winter still creeping into our bones, we thought we’d remind you of just how much difference your office furniture and décor can make to the morale and mood of your staff as they battle in to work…

It makes your office haven professionally welcoming

Really… it does! Your office furniture definitely helps to get your staff in the right mood as soon as they walk in. Put yourself in their shoes… You fight against the seasonal weather and stumble through the door a bit bedraggled. You’re feeling a big put out and grumpy (it’s true, there’s no point in denying it). And what’s the first thing you see as your eyes wander across the office reception? Exactly… So if it’s a professionally laid out reception desk and soft, odds on a sense of tranquillity will start to replace your discontent.

It offers a haven that harnesses pride

Of course, any office manager is keen to impress visitors, whether they’re suppliers or customers. But if your staff are proud of their workspace, that will show in how they greet people and show them around. A well organised working area, with matching office furniture that’s clearly robust and functional, oozes efficiency and productivity. That’s a strong subliminal message to all that your business operates professionally and with credibility. So make sure your office furniture is working for you, not against you.

It highlights your haven as a hive of activity

As soon as your staff arrive in the morning, make it easy for them to get going. Ensure there’s the right amount of office storage available so everything can be filed and put away each night. When this is the case, they won’t have the prospect of searching through piles of files to find the documents they need in the morning. They can just switch on, sit down, and get working.

It offers them a haven within a haven

Seriously, open plan is all very good and well but a few pieces of well-placed office screening can go a long way to providing a sense of privacy where it’s needed. Come wind, rain, or snow, when they sit down they can ‘get into the zone’ and start working… rather than bemoaning the weather to kingdom come!

It ensure it’s a haven that helps, not hinders

Functional comfort is a critical component of good office furniture design. Ergonomics make a difference to productivity, efficiency, and attendance. Don’t let bad weather be enough to put your staff off coming in. Don’t let them dread an uncomfortable chair in a chilly office, when they know they’ll be damp and bedraggled from the journey in. Protect their posture, and you’ll protect your bottom line.

So if you’ve spotted the dismal forecast for the next few weeks and reckon that a review of your office furniture might be the small tweak you need to make to keep the momentum of the new year going… then please do give us a call. The Northamptonshire flash floods may still be in the memory of some, but there’s no reason why 2019 can’t be filled with the flushed faces of motivated staff ongoing!

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