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Treating Brexit with ergonomics; it’s an office furniture thing

Jan 22, 2019

Everywhere across the country people are dealing with the stress of Brexit. Northamptonshire inhabitants included. If it isn’t because they run a business, it’s because they’re trying to sell a house.

And if it isn’t either of those things, it’s because they’re desperate to hear something different on the TV and radio. We’re all holding our breath now, and we’re all feeling the strain.

The problem is though, we still all need to operate a business-as-usual routine, and for many of us that means heading into the office every morning. If you run or manage an office, therefore, doing what you can to lift the sense of drudgery from your employees’ shoulders can only be a good thing. And we reckon there’s nothing like a bit of purpose-built office furniture to help you achieve that easily. And here’s how…

Ergonomic office furniture

Any office furniture that’s been designed with function, health, and wellbeing mind has to be a winner. If you’ve been dreaming (nightmaring) of Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, you’re going to need a strong cup of coffee and a comfortable supportive office chair when you get into work. But that’s not the only way that ergonomic office furniture is going to help you.

It reduces stress-related apathy and staff absence

Repetitive strain injuries are the bane of many businesses. Small but repeated actions carried out under less-than-ideal conditions have a nasty habit of causing long-term side effects. So being proactive and taking steps to prevent them from occurring is an excellent strategy. Provide your staff with ergonomically designed office chairs and desks, and ensure their backs, wrists, hips and necks are catered for. Keep them comfortable. Enable them to remain productive. And cut down the risk of unnecessary compensation claims. It’s win/win all round.

It helps maintain focus on the job

If someone is fed up about not being able to sell their house, believe us… they’re going to moan about Brexit to anyone who’ll listen. By minimising the risk that your staff are uncomfortable because their office furniture isn’t quite right, you’re minimising the risk that they’ll want to engage with such a tedious conversation. You’re also increasing the likelihood that they’ll be so engrossed in what they’re doing that their creativity and inspiration won’t be dampened by mention of referenda and the EU too… Not that it’s a subject unworthy of discussion, of course, it’s just that there’s a time and place for these things and your office isn’t that place!

It improves efficiency

Ergonomic office furniture supports tasks, rather than hinders them. It’s designed to be adjusted to suit someone’s height, leg length, body length, and arm length etc. So if they’re doing something that has a repeated action, each repetition is as smooth and efficient as it can be. They’ll work faster and for longer, and you’ll enjoy a much higher level of efficiency operating in your business.

And now we’ll make our exit on the subject of Brexit

So there you have it. Hopefully this is the one and only blog article we will write that even vaguely mentions the ‘B’ word. Though having said that, we do feel that we’ve had a point to make. Whether you work in North Shields, Northolt, or Northampton, you still want to work in an environment in which you’re comfortable, and you still need office furniture that achieves this. So if you’d like your staff to start focusing on their work a little more, give us a ring! The only mutter of a ‘B’ word will be “Brrrrr… it’s a bit chilly at the mo. Would you like a cuppa?”

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