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You SOHO can get it right with your home office furniture

Jan 28, 2019

Working from home can be fantastic, but it’s not always easy to get the environment right. The home office furniture you choose, therefore, can go a long way towards defining a functional work area that’s still a pleasure to spend time in.

5 Top tips for choosing the right home office furniture

Choosing where you’re going to have your office space is your first big decision; how you then fill it, though, defines how well it works for you.

‘Office desk it’ deliberately

If you’re going to do something… do it properly. It’s a mantra that’s proven itself in life time and time again, and definitely extends to not just plumping for a table as your workspace. Instead, choose something that’s intended to cater for wiring, storage, paper-flow, and technology. And make sure it’s ergonomically designed to accommodate your body shape and usage.

‘Office chair it’ choosily

You may be at home, but you still need to be mindful of your health and wellbeing. If you’re sitting for several hours a day at your desk, you need to make sure your office chair: supports your back; can be adjusted to the right height; and protects your posture. It also helps if it swivels and stands on castor wheels… simply because both these features make it easier to use.

‘Office storage it’ studiously

If you’re keen to prevent work and home life from crossing over too much you need to have an ample supply of office storage to hand. Keep your work in your work space. Have a desk pedestal for easy-to-reach stationery that’s kept out of sight when it’s not required. Have a filing cabinet with non-tip drawers for putting away that unsightly paperwork at night. And make use of wall space with some shelving for files, directories, and workbooks that you use regularly. You see, a tidy office helps to de-clutter the mind. So an ordered workspace helps you get into the swing of things quickly and easily at the start of each day.

A couple more home working tips for good measure

The thing is, being able to work from home can be a really great opportunity, but it’s most beneficial when you find it easy to switch off the light and walk away every evening. You need to make it that you’re not distracted by washing during the day or paperwork at night, therefore. And if things like a white board or large planner help too… go for it. Anything that makes you want to work when you sit down gets a tick!

A final word

Of course, we would also recommend that you make sure your working space continues to reflect your personality and the ethos of your work. Design it to fit both your physical and mental comfort, therefore. And if you catch yourself smiling from time-to-time, you’ll know you’ve got it just about right.

If you’d like advice on what home office furniture will work best for you, please do give us a ring. Believe us, we want you to be smiling every day too.

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