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The office furniture litmus test… Bedford is bubbling!

Feb 5, 2019

It just so happens we’ve had a few orders for office furniture in Bedford recently. Little flurries go like that sometimes. But as is our way, we noticed the fact and so had a bit of a think.

What’s going on in Bedford that’s caused a little boost in office furniture interest? We wondered. And then we had a dig around…

Bedford is buzzing for business!

It’s funny how office furniture can act like a bit of litmus paper, even in a town like Bedford. And through our investigations, we got our answer because there’s quite a lot of focus on business there at the moment. If you’re looking to start up, here are a few nuggets of info about the town that might get you thinking…

Fabulous Bedford-based business facts

Did you know*:

  • 32 million people (ie. half the UK population) are within a 2 hour drive from Bedford
  • There are nearly 7000 businesses there
  • Commercial property is 50% cheaper than in London
  • Just over 95% of people have access to superfast broadband

*Bedford Borough Growth Plan 2018 - 2022

Those facts alone present a heady mix for any business owner. Bedford is open and welcoming business, that’s for sure! So add to that the fact that Luton Airport is only thirty minutes away, and that they’re planning 19,000 new homes in Bedford Borough by 2035, and you’ll start to see that it’s not just well connected… it’s hell-bent on thriving.

The office furniture litmus test

As we’ve already said, unsurprisingly we use office furniture sales as an indicator of what’s going on in a place; new office furniture orders tend to suggest a positive sign. So it didn’t surprise us to learn that over 75% of businesses in Bedford survive the first two years; a critical time period for any start-up. So what’s Bedford focusing on to get this right?

Bedford’s business enabler-focus

The Bedford Borough Growth Plan has a clear aim of growing and enhancing the competitiveness of the area as a business base. The plan specifically aims, amongst other things, to:

·         Deliver jobs growth through promoting investment opportunities and considering major planning applications

·         Work with sub-national transport bodies to significantly enhance the communications and transport infrastructure

·         Deliver the housing growth required to support business growth

·         Ensure skills levels meet employers’ needs

As you can see from just those small soundbites, business growth is being reviewed and supported from every angle. As the plan states, Bedford Borough Council are, “Proactively marketing Bedford as a high value location within the Oxford to Cambridge Corridor, offering a solution to expanding businesses for whom competitive property costs and excellent transport and digital infrastructure are essential.”

That sounds good to us, and we reckon that could sound very good to many entrepreneurs and start-up business owners out there. So why not add Bedford to your list of places to consider? Many others clearly already are. And we have to admit, we do have a feeling there’s going to be a lot more office furniture in Bedford before too long…

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