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Is it all just a load of cobblers…?

Aug 1, 2015

Do first impressions really count that much? Surely the quality of your products and your reputation count for more… 

Do first impressions really count that much? Surely the quality of your products and your reputation count for more… 

Well, we’ve realised being based in Northamptonshire, a county with a global reputation for shoemaking, that the long-standing success of this industry is perhaps something we can draw on.

First impressions, Quality and Reputation
First of all, let us say that of course quality and reputation count for a lot. Whether you produce shoes or office furniture, or offer a service like helping businesses relocate, it’s easier to keep the momentum going once you’ve established your name. However, getting to that point and then maintaining it, requires determination and a little focus on… yes, you’ve guessed it… making sure your business makes the right impact from the first point of contact.

Now, from our perspective, we accept that we can’t necessarily help you with the running of your business or the quality of your products, but we do believe we can help you make that all important fantastic first impression when a prospective customer walks onto your premises.

Put your best foot forward
What’s the saying…? Put your best foot forward? Cobblers in Northamptonshire have, for centuries, been making beautifully crafted, quality shoes that people have bought in order to be able to put their best foot forward. And we, at CamHam, can help you do a similar thing with your reception area – which is the first opportunity many businesses get to impress.

So… what is that first impression that you want to give?

Success, Professionalism and Approachability.
How can your reception area do this?

Well, we’re not experts in paint, plants and wall decorations, however, we do know a bit about reception furniture, and we reckon these are the critical elements you need to consider:

Soft seating – reception chairs and sofas need to be durable, but plush. An executive style layout may be your first choice, though instead you might prefer a more flexible set of modular seating that ‘moulds’ to the shape of your reception and defines specific business areas. Tub chairs and sofas can make for a welcoming set up, with cushioned seats and contoured backs. Removable covers are worth considering for easy cleaning, or alternatively leather faced seating if you’re looking for that extra bit of style. Your choice.

Coffee tables – round or rectangular, low level or slightly higher, coffee tables are a must in any reception. They provide a space for you to lay out your company literature, as well as enable visitors to… well… have somewhere to place their coffee cups, of course! Different finishes are available to ensure the tables are durable, can easily be kept clean, and match nicely with your seating.
Reception desk – critical for any business with a receptionist, reception desk furniture is designed to cater for IT equipment, telephone wiring and work space. There are a myriad of finishes, designs and layouts we can offer you. Just come and talk to us.

As you can see, at CamHam, we can advise, guide, and furnish you with the best layout for your reception area. So whether it’s a supplier who is putting their best Northamptonshire-shod foot forward into your office, or a potential customer who is visiting to ‘suss’ you out, you’ll have no need to worry about whether it’s all a load of cobblers. You’ll know you’re making the right impression, just get in touch today.

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