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Every business has a story to tell…

Aug 6, 2015

On the way to Buckinghamshire the other day to deliver some office furniture, we found ourselves chatting about how businesses grow.

On the way to Buckinghamshire the other day to deliver some office furniture, we found ourselves chatting about how businesses grow. The age old reference to ‘chapters in a book’ cropped up, of course, along with the need to turn to the next page when things didn’t quite work as one planned, and too the use of irritating little footnotes (aka small print) also got a mention.

And with our cargo of cantilever desks and office chairs securely packaged in the back of the van, it seemed a fitting subject to be discussing… that of ‘writing’… bearing in mind Enid Blyton had lived in Buckinghamshire for several years.

A new chapter

And that got us thinking. Actually, at CamHam, we are in the lucky position of being able to enjoy being a part of many a new chapter for a business. We’ve helped companies relocate across Buckinghamshire, as well as further afield.

We’ve also helped a fair few upsize into larger premises. As their new chapter has begun, we’ve been are there to offer advice and guidance on whether to keep the same office furniture and extend, or part-exchange items for a complete new set…

Either way, though, it’s always been an exciting time for them and for us. You see, believe it or not, office furniture actually updates in style and technology frequently. Different materials and ergonomic designs are coming on the market all the time. There are new approaches for office furniture with cable management; matching colours and easy-clean finishes; straight or waved or l-shaped designs; height adjustable desks and chairs.

In truth, the list of improvements is constant and endless. And new chapters in a business are actually a good time to consider an update!

But what does a new chapter look like? Are you ready to turn to that page?

Well, consider these scenarios… Are you:

Taking on more staff and need to accommodate them? Do they need their own desks etc? Do you need to review your office furniture inventory, full stop?
Relocating to new premises?
Upgrading all your IT infrastructure, equipment and technology? And are you now realising the old office furniture isn’t up to scratch anymore?
Reviewing your storage requirements?... (because ten years of successful trading needs to be kept well organised!)
Planning to make organisational/departmental changes? Are you creating new business areas? Merging functions?
These are just a few occasions when you might consider that your business is, in fact, starting a new chapter. And all of these occasions, plus many more, are likely to need some office furniture additions and adjustments.

And so, in keeping with the theme of this article that was so wonderfully spawned by Buckinghamshire’s worthy link with Enid Blyton, let us leave you with this thought…

Though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, in reality we all do.
So, when your business is starting a new chapter, it’s worth considering how customers may judge your success as they join you in turning the page. Why not see this new chapter as an opportunity to spruce up your business with some fabulous office furniture? Give your clients no option but to judge you well enough to want to buy.

If this sounds like a good idea… contact us!

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