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Providing you with the Upper Crust of Office Desk Solutions

Aug 12, 2015

As you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re fond of our analogies here, and there are many that can apply to a business, but there’s a reason why we’ve plumped for this one today.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re fond of our analogies here, and there are many that can apply to a business, but there’s a reason why we’ve plumped for this one today.

Suiting your customers

Let’s consider two courses, with the savoury course first. The main course. Your products and services. To stop it being unsavoury, it needs to appeal to the taste of your customers, whilst also giving them a sense of value for money. So your offering needs to have both on-the-face-of-it appeal and substance. But, naturally, everything in life needs balance, and that’s where the sweet bit comes in. The dessert. Because that’s the course for you. Profit. Fulfilment. Achievement.

Now… we reckon that’s a bit like a Bedfordshire Clanger.

What’s a Bedfordshire Clanger? We hear you ask…

Well, one could say – as long as no one from Bedfordshire, or Cornwall, is listening – that a ‘Clanger’ is Bedfordshire’s equivalent of a pasty. It has a savoury filling one end, and a sweet filling the other. The savoury, meaty end is for your customers. And the sweet end, which is traditionally scored with lines so you don’t start at the wrong end, is for you; you could say it’s the bottom line…

But what’s that got to do with office furniture?

So, with a Clanger, you’ve got your main course and you’ve got your dessert. But here’s the thing - the outer crust was never intended for eating. The Bedfordshire Clanger was originally made by wives for their husbands’ lunch, and the crust was there to hold the contents of the meal. It was purely functional. And this is why we reckon Bedfordshire’s culinary speciality is perfectly akin to a business… for your office desk (or workstation) is just like the crust of a clanger. It’s practical. It’s there to help you hold your business together. It needs to do its job but not get in the way.

However, as with all functionally useful things, a bit of aesthetic flair never went amiss. So, just as a Bedfordshire Clanger’s main purpose was to feed a hungry husband, how it looked probably added to its appeal.

Now you might think a desk is just a desk.

But actually, that’s not so. How it’s shaped will make a big difference to how you approach your job. Here are some examples of different office desk designs to illustrate this point:

Straight cantilever desks – are standard rectangular desks, which often come with cable management but are great for limited space
Single and double wave cantilever desks – have a bit more shape to enable you to work more comfortably, and thus efficiently, enjoying a softer aesthetic look
L-shaped cantilever desks – are for those wanting more desk space/work space
Panel end desks – are, again, shaped to enable you to work more comfortably, but they have a more solid look with panel sides
Conference desks – are for those who regularly have meetings at their desk, or need a little more work space. They often make a good home office choice because of the functional flexibility between work and meeting requirements
Height adjustable desks – are ergonomically designed to facilitate good posture and help prevent back problems
Bench system desking – is great for multiple workstations where efficient use of space is paramount

So there you go. Bedfordshire has definitely not dropped a clanger in creating a practical but appealing lunch solution.

And at CamHam we can definitely provide you with the upper crust of office desk solutions to help you work efficiently through your day! Get in touch today.

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