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Spring is around the corner… why not put your office back on a pedestal?

Mar 11, 2016

Spring is around the corner… why not put your office back on a pedestal?

Spring is around the corner… why not put your office back on a pedestal?

It’s easy to get bogged down in the gloom of winter and just shuffle around your office because… well, just because it’s there.   But here’s the thing! Astronomically, we’re about a month away from spring now; 20th March if you want to be precise. And meteorologically, it’s even less than that - 1st March!

Get ready for some sunshine in the office
Whatever date you pick, however, we’d recommend that you’re mindful it’s only 2 to 4 weeks away. And what do people do in spring? They have a clear out. They freshen up the place to make the most of the lighter mornings and longer days. They wipe over those dust gathering nooks where a filing cabinet lurks. They declutter those weighed down office shelving units. They spring clean their office desks, de-fuzz their office chairs, and generally give all their office furniture a good going over.

Now, as you already know, at CamHam we like to be ahead of the game. A little like the snowdrops around Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire this year, actually…  And if you like to be ahead of the game too, we’d suggest you bear in mind that not only are the days now getting longer, but it’s likely that a few more rays of sun will soon be filtering through your windows as well. A lovely sight to lift the soul, to be sure, but a devastating method for picking out all those old, grimy bits of office furniture you’ve been trying to ignore.                         

So… here’s our suggestion for 2016’s spring clean offensive… Why not have a bit of a clear out?
We’re not going so far as to suggest you ditch everything and start again - heavens, no! Though, if that idea does float your boat we can certainly help you there too with our office clearance service… But what we are suggesting is that most offices have some old bits and pieces which have aged, mostly disgracefully, as the business has grown.

So with fresh buds beginning to show outside, and daffodils and crocuses marking an early start to spring, is it perhaps time to consider replacing some of your older office furniture?

Have a look around your office now…
Even though your workstations, office desks and chairs are still faring well, have a few old friends caught your eye?

That second-hand desk pedestal that’s lost a castor?
An old filing cabinet in the corner?
Some crumbling office bookshelves?
An office cupboard that’s been missing a door since last Easter?
A side filer that can’t hold enough anymore?
A desk end corner storage unit that really needs a tambour door?
This is our spring challenge to you!
Put the poor things out of their misery. Go on! You’ll be doing everyone a favour. Realise that better designed items of office storage are now available, which have finishes and colours that complement existing office furniture, whilst offering vastly improved robust ease of use etc.

And then, once you’ve made a few changes, treat yourself to another glance through your window. Whether the view is out across the beautiful Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire or Buckinghamshire countryside, or across a busy high street, you’ll know that those rays of sun now shining back through at you will have no grimy corners to seek out… only aesthetically pleasing order and efficiency.

Like the sound of that? Get in touch and we’ll help you put your clean office back on a pedastal! 

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