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Furniture with a Function – Boardrooms

Mar 15, 2016

Well, we’re very aware of the different requirements for each type of meeting, bearing in mind the office space they are given.

When you need a meeting of minds…
‘Meetings’ - such an overused word, and one that fills many a busy executive with dread. But what does a meeting mean to you? Is it a fully-fledged get together at a boardroom table? Is it a more informal discussion group sitting around a set of folding-leg tables with coffee cups littering the surface? Or is it a casual chat at your conference desk?

All types of meeting have their place. And most businesses need to cater for at least two of the above.

So how can CamHam help?

Well, we’re very aware of the different requirements for each type of meeting, bearing in mind the office space they are given.

Take boardrooms, for example.
Boardrooms are a place where you meet with important clients, as well as hold board meetings. So what makes a boardroom feel like a boardroom? In our experience, it’s because the room:

Is formally laid out
The furniture has a more executive feel to it, in comparison to the office furniture elsewhere in the building. There’s a central boardroom table, with executive style chairs for comfort
There’s a smart sideboard for storing unneeded presentation kit & remote controls etc., as well as company literature. It’s also somewhere to place much needed tea, coffee and biscuits!
Has branded material that is visible but subtly placed
Has at least two tall plants that bring some life to the room, so we’ve noticed anyway…
Yet what’s the key component in achieving this effect? The boardroom furniture, of course. And we wrote an article on this very subject not long ago, so if you’d like to find out more just click here.

What about those more informal meetings with staff and suppliers?
You know the sort – ones with enough people to warrant a separate room, but not formal enough to warrant the boardroom… What makes a good meeting room feel like a productive meeting room?

We would suggest it’s:

A more informal feel, with practical lighting and a flexible layout
Functional rectangular tables (sometimes with castors, for ease of positioning) surrounded by robust ergonomically designed chairs that cater for a range of shapes and sizes
Office storage and shelving that’s robust enough to store flip charts, projectors, pads, pens and the large pile of company brochures that never have a home
Plus, we reckon, just one tall plant will do
And then finally, what about those casual meetings you have with staff?
The ones where you’re discussing a spreadsheet, or possibly the latest industry gossip. We would say that’s:

Your office desk – but having one that’s L-shaped with an extra, rounded, conference space at one end will give you more room, as well as make it feel more like a meeting
A spare, ergonomically designed, office chair
Plus - if you’re prepared to water it - a small pot plant
Of course, there is one final meeting place we haven’t mentioned, and that’s the coffee machine, but we figure you’ve already got that sussed (and aren’t worried about plants there, full stop!).

So, whether you’re based in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, or even further afield, not only do we reckon that you’re still having meetings… but we also reckon we can help you improve those meetings with better office furniture laid out in a functionally useful way.

So if you’re looking to boost the productivity of your meetings through the right office furniture – get in touch!

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