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Furniture with a Function - that hidden extra pair of hands

Mar 22, 2016

Efficiency, a word that makes business owners (and accountants) rub their hands together with glee. A word that makes administrators coo with pride. 

Efficiency, a word that makes business owners (and accountants) rub their hands together with glee. A word that makes administrators coo with pride. It can mean greater productivity (and bottom line smiles) with little extra effort; achieving more without needing to put more in. And with businesses small and large, efficiency can be significantly improved by both adjusting processes and making changes to the actual tools your staff are using.

At CamHam, we reckon we can help your business become more efficient. And it needn’t cost the earth either.

Tell me more, we hear you say!


 Improve your office storage facilities, we reply.

And here’s why…

Well-chosen office storage:
Helps to promote a professional image - a tidy and well organised office reflects efficiency to your staff and customers.
Promotes a healthier work environment by, for example
Reducing stress
Making the office easier to keep clean
Protecting employees from accident e.g. tripping
Boosts morale – a tidy office not only instils a sense of pride in staff, but it also makes the office an easier place to work.
Reduces frustration and thus improves work relationships and communication.
So, now you know that by simply thinking carefully about your office storage, you’re likely to have happier, healthier and safer staff. But how will that improve efficiency in the office? Here are a few thoughts…

Without doubt, it takes a lot less time for employees to find answers to questions. They know where to look for the information, they can find and get at it easily.
With all your files and paperwork etc. tucked neatly away, staff are less likely to be distracted.
If a staff member is away, temps can get up to speed and work far more efficiently in their absence with everything neat and well organised.
It is far easier to keep the whole office tidy, particularly with respect to wiring & IT infrastructure etc.
So, with that said, what’s out there to help you achieve this idyllic concept?
At CamHam, we can offer office storage solutions that fulfil different needs.
Drawer pedestals – they can come with two or three drawers, anti-tilt mechanisms, and will fit neatly under a desk. Drawers can be lockable. They can be either made from heat/stain resistant MFC or steel, and come with or without castors and brake locks.
Filing cabinets – these can be for individual and communal use, made of metal or  heat/stain resistant MFC, be 100% extending with anti-tilt mechanisms, and robust enough to take significant weight when opened.
Office bookshelves and office cupboards – these can come in heat/stain resistant MFC with a wide range of finishes to match other office furniture. They can have fixed or adjustable shelves, be glass fronted or panel fronted, and have tambour door options. And there are many shelving/cupboard combinations to choose from, including desk end corner storage for efficient use of space.
Side filers – neat little pedestal style office filing units.

How can CamHam help?
So if you’re keen to find an extra pair of hands that won’t demand a salary, then come and talk to us! Our extensive experience in sourcing and selling office furniture will enable us to guide you knowledgeably on what you will need in office storage to run your business efficiently. And not only that, we can deliver it to most UK areas including Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Like the sound of that? Contact us now!

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