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Furniture with a Function - Food for Thought...

Mar 24, 2015

We’ve all been there… munching on a sandwich at our office desk, thinking it’s best to work through lunch to catch up.

Office furniture to provide a lunch ‘venue’ for your staff
We’ve all been there… munching on a sandwich at our office desk, thinking it’s best to work through lunch to catch up. However, deep down we also know that it’s not actually a very good idea. It doesn’t make us more efficient and, as they say, a change can be as good as a rest. So, what can you do to encourage your staff to at least take a small break?

Here are 5 reasons that might nudge them in the right direction…

When you eat at your desk you tend to eat MORE! Yes that’s right, you snack and nibble without thinking. And because you’re not concentrating on what you’re eating, as the minutes slip by… more food slips in.
Everybody’s brain needs a breather – even Einstein’s did – and just taking a lunch break can give the poor thing a boost! Not only does creativity then kick back in, but afternoon concentration improves too. So, leaving your office desk to eat lunch is not about being lazy, it’s about giving yourself more va-va-voom to work more productively in the afternoon.
Eating away from your office desk reduces stress. Studies have found that when employees have been away from the phone and their to-do list, they come back for their afternoon shift mentally prepared to deal with the pressures of their job once again, nourished and replenished.
Put simply, an office desk is not the most hygienic place to eat. Enough said!
Providing staff with communal areas to sit, eat and chat encourages them to interact. It’s great for team building and bonding, and quite often you’ll find they’re sharing and discussing business issues anyway. What more could you ask for?
How can CamHam help?
Well, now it’s clear you’ll actually benefit from your staff taking lunch time away from their desks, we’d like to suggest some office furniture solutions that might help you encourage them to change their habits…

Tub style chairs with coffee tables – Not only do these look great, with durable leather style covers and deep cushioned seats, they’re so different to the rest of the office desk set-up that employees feel they really are getting a break. Our range of coffee tables gives you various size and shape options and come with a variety of finishes that are easy to keep clean and looking good.

Modular seating – This is fantastic for providing group seating areas within an open plan office. The units can be configured to suit the space required and don’t have to be limited to one set. Again, totally different to the desk and chair scenario staff spend most of their day in, so a real change for half an hour or so.

Breakout seating – Wonderfully informal and easy to move around, so staff can gather together in different sized groups each day. Such flexibility allows for infinite layouts to provide a perfect fit for your office space.

Leather faced seating – For a more stylish, formal approach, this executive style casual seating can work well in some offices. Versatile in nature, the leather seating range is ideal for receptions, waiting rooms and meeting rooms.

Round meeting tables with conference chairs – Ideal for those staff who want to get some quiet time whilst eating. Multi-functional tables and chairs that work well for meetings and eating.

So, whether your staff are lunching in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or some further corner of England, we reckon with a bit of thought you can get them eating more healthily and productively for your business. To find out more, get in touch!

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