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An office desk is just an office desk… Right?

Apr 18, 2016

Err… no. Your office desk is so much more than that. But to understand why, let’s get back to basics.

Err… no. Your office desk is so much more than that. But to understand why, let’s get back to basics.

First off, what do you use your office desk for?
Imagine yourself sitting at your desk. What springs to mind immediately? There’ll be lots of activities you carry out there, but we’re betting the first thing you think of is what you spend most of your time doing. So what is that?

Computer work?
If you type away for hours on end, you’ll need your keyboard and monitor/screen to be positioned in the right place. And don’t forget you also need your mouse and mouse mat positioned well too… Have you got enough space? Plus, with all this hardware taking up room, an office desk that provides cable management is a must.

If you’re shuffling papers around most of the time - reading them, writing on them, filing them - is it still possible to keep your office desk clutter free? We’re not suggesting a draconian clear-desk-policy here – heaven forbid, we’d have to start again ourselves! – but having a enough uncluttered space to do what you need to do is critical to not only doing a good job but enjoying it too… Think about it. If you look forward to doing your work, you’ll get more done, or at least get it done faster…

If you spend a lot of your time talking with others at your desk, it needs to be ‘meeting friendly’. And that doesn’t just mean room for extra chairs. Your visitors may need to write or use a laptop. Does your office desk provide enough space? Often an L-shaped conference desk is the best solution.

Telephone conversations?
If you’re on the phone most of the day, do you catch yourself leaning on your armrests a lot? Does your chair fit snugly? And during phone calls, can you still reach around to grab paper, pencils, and the files you need?

Next… does your office desk do what you need it to ‘do’?
Now, having thought through the above points, and assuming your office desk is shaped and designed to give you the space you need to work, does your office desk also:

Enable you to store things?
We’re talking about desk drawers and desk pedestals here, NOT boxes hidden under the desk. Do you need more storage space? Have you got it? Can your office desk accommodate these things?

Fit in its space?
If the only area available to fit your office desk is too small for what you’ve got, you’re likely to feel cramped, crowded in by clutter, and restricted in your movement. Perhaps a desk of a different shape would work better for you.

And then finally, does it…
Make you smile?
Ah! Well, of all the points, we reckon this is the most important. If you get to your office desk each morning, whether you work from home or in a giant service centre, and you smile – then it’s going to be a good day, eh? And if everything else about your desk is fit for purpose, it’s still worth having one that’s of a colour and finish that suits your taste so that it makes you feel good.

Hopefully by now you can see there’s more to an office desk than you thought. So if you’re needing something that better suits both your work space and your work processes, let us give you some guidance. Based in Northampton, CamHam delivers office furniture to most UK areas including Northamptonshire, Bedfordshireand Buckinghamshire – so get in touch today!

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