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Top Ten Benefits of Hiring Office Furniture

May 17, 2016

People often only think to hire office furniture for a conference event, or suchlike. However, as you’ll see, there are some good reasons to consider short, or even longer, term hire at other times too.

People often only think to hire office furniture for a conference event, or suchlike. However, as you’ll see, there are some good reasons to consider short, or even longer, term hire at other times too.

So… what are the benefits of hiring office furniture?
Helps with cash flow – Although this is particularly pertinent to startup businesses, it applies really to any business that’s growing quickly. Purchasing office furniture as a startup can be an unnecessary outflow of cash at a critical time in the business. Hiring your office furniture, however, whilst the business is bedding in, is an ideal way to get things going. Operations remain highly flexible to accommodate new requirements as things grow and change.
There are tax benefits - Hiring office furniture as opposed to purchasing it can, in some instances, provide tax benefits. Speak to your accountant to find out if this is something that may help your business.
Accommodates short term shifts in requirements – The number of exhibitions and events taking place always increases in the spring and summer. You may well have decided to attend an exhibition but aren’t impressed with what’s supplied by the event organiser. In this instance, buying furniture might seem a bit drastic, and office furniture hire could be the ideal solution for you.
Helps deal with seasonal staffing fluctuations – It may be that the number of employees working in your business fluctuates significantly across seasons/times of the year. Perhaps for just two months you need to accommodate an extra fifty people, and it simply doesn’t make sense to buy (and then pay to store!) the surplus office furniture. Hiring what you need for the short period of time that you need it may be the perfect way to solve the problem.
Great for temporary office moves – If you’re moving offices, have arranged for new office furniture to be delivered to the new location, but will have to be temporarily working from different premises until that’s all sorted, it doesn’t make sense to do anything else but hire furniture for the short term. You don’t want to have your new items delivered, built and installed only to have to take it all down again and rebuild it elsewhere.
Offers fabulous flexibility – If things are fluctuating in your business, hiring your office furniture gives you the flexibility to grow/shrink the number of workstations you have as things change.
Can be delivered quickly – New office furniture can sometimes take a few weeks to build and have delivered. So if you need items to cover the time gap, short term hire is likely to be your best bet.
It has green credentials – Hiring rather than purchasing is seen by many to help reduce the environmental footprint of a business. You’re not clogging landfill up with used furniture, you’re using it in your office.
It is recession proof – If you need to downsize quickly, hired office furniture can often be returned with very little notice.
There is great quality furniture available – Office furniture hire companies take tremendous pride in maintaining the quality of their furniture. If you need to make a great first impression… quickly, then consider hiring your furniture!
How can CamHam help?
One of our specialities is providing quality office furniture on hire to suit different business needs.  This includes:

Conference Chairs
Folding Tables
Office Storage
Comfy Seating
Canteen Tables and Chairs

So, whether you need desking for offices or conference seating for events, our extensive range of office furniture for hire will provide you with a selection that does you justice. To find out more, just get in touch!

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