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The power of the written word…

May 27, 2016

Being an operation that serves business customers, rather than retail customers per se, has its nuances doesn’t it?

Being an operation that serves business customers, rather than retail customers per se, has its nuances doesn’t it? A business customer has a very different set of requirements to a retail customer which, although sometimes tailored to an individual, are often actually about meeting externally facing needs.

Take office furniture, for example, business customers will be choosing and purchasing it for various reasons…

To simply provide workstations for staff
To improve efficiency
To ensure health and safety obligations are met
To impress potential customers
To provide a pleasant work environment
Etc… the full list would be a long one, but the suggestions above give you an idea.

Communicating with our customers
So, bearing in mind the above and taking CamHam as an example, we’ve been thinking about how best to communicate and connect with our customer base to improve our understanding of their office furniture needs. Our conclusions aren’t earth shattering, but they’re useful all the same so we thought we’d share them with you.

First off, one of the key ways we can ensure that we’re offering the right office furniture solutions to small and medium sized businesses is to be out there physically talking to our potential customer base. Actually speaking to people helps us to gauge how requirements are changing, how tastes are shifting, and how business practises are morphing. Now, that’s partly achieved by having customer meetings, of course. And we reckon it’s also partly achieved by business networking. But there is an additional strategy that we’re now using to achieve this, and that’s by interacting regularly on social media. All in all, that makes for a lot of chatting, doesn’t it?!

But we like that…

Camham on social media
So… what’s this article all about then? Well, we figured that whilst we do do a lot of chatting face to face (and we’ll probably tell you more about that in another article), it’s important to let you know what we also like to spread the office furniture word online too.

Face to face chatter isn’t for everyone, but keeping up to date with the latest offers and trends in office furniture is still of great value. So if browsing online in a lunchbreak is more your thing, we’d like to suggest connecting with us on Facebook instead. Our take on social media, and such like, isn’t to talk AT you but rather chat WITH you… get your feedback… spread the word for you as well as us… and generally make sure it’s a win/win activity for everyone. 

Be assured we don’t bombard people with useless information, but instead suggest things that may well be of genuine interest to small and medium sized business.

Take our latest offer, for example – 25% off if you sign up to receive our newsletter. If you’re just happening to be looking for some new office furniture in the near future, our regular updates are A MUST. It’s easy to subscribe, easy to receive via email, and we’d like to think easy and useful to read. And if you’re worried about missing something, we’ll keep you updated on Twitter as well.

In a nutshell, therefore, what we’d like to suggest is that if you’re not one for being out on the business networking circuit, but are perhaps considering some new office furniture now or at some point in the future, why not just sign up to our newsletter and keep yourself in the loop? Who knows… you might even bag yourself a spectacular special offer too!

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