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CamHam, Facebook and Office Furniture

Jun 3, 2016

Following on with what’s turning into a little series of blogs on business networking and social media, we thought we’d chat about CamHam on Facebook this week.

Following on with what’s turning into a little series of blogs on business networking and social media, we thought we’d chat about CamHam on Facebook this week.

CamHam Office Furniture on Facebook?
At CamHam we really like Facebook as a medium. We’ve found it’s a great way to chat with likeminded businesses and engage with people regularly. So if you decide to ‘like’ our page and connect with us there, what sort of content are you likely to see? And how will it be of benefit to you?

Here’s a taster…

Business networking – People like to deal with people, and not only that, but we’ve learned that people like to deal with people they’ve actually met and got to know. So we’re out and about in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire regularly, business networking, chatting with folk, sharing the latest office furniture lowdown, and - most importantly - listening and keeping ourselves up to date with the needs and tastes of our customers. It HAS to be a two way thing.
Our latest office furniture projects – First off, please be assured we don’t do the hard sell… ever! But people have told us they want to know what we’ve been working on and we reckon that Facebook is a great place to do spread that word. You’ll be glad to know we make a point of never inundating you with posts on office desks, and we promise you’ll not have to trawl through endless photos of boardroom chairs. But we do confess to posting the odd update on our latest office furniture projects etc. These may include:
Installations – Useful hints and tips on how we tailored a new office furniture installation to the exact needs of our customer.
Clearances – Regular updates, with before and after pics to prove just how clean and tidy we really are. You don’t have to just take our word for it. You can see for yourself!
Latest blogs – If you’re worried about missing our regular blog features, fear not! We always make sure we post details of the latest one on Facebook (and Twitter, of course).
Industry news – Office furniture may not seem like something you want to read about every day (unless you’re us, of course), but when you’re thinking about replacing existing items, or expanding on what you’ve already got, it really helps to know about the latest technology in ergonomically designed chairs and desks. Keep yourself informed.
Details of our newsletter – Not only do we blog, but we also have a newsletter to which you can subscribe. If you’d like our hints and tips sent to your inbox, just join our list. The link is either on our website, or regularly posted on Facebook… just to make things easy.
So, how does that sound? Interactive? Useful? We hope so.

If you’re in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, or even further afield, and would like to occasionally catch up with the world of office furniture, then please do connect with us on Facebook. We’d love to start chatting with you there!

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