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Our Top 3 Home Office Furniture Picks for August

Aug 1, 2016

Running your business from home, or at least being a home based worker some of the time, can be great. Allocating proper space to your work is important, however.

Running your business from home, or at least being a home based worker some of the time, can be great. Allocating proper space to your work is important, however. And choosing the right pieces of office furniture to create a fabulous home office space that is functional, pleasant and a joy to work makes a difference.

So, having chosen the room/area you’re going to use, here are our top recommendations for an office desk, chair and pedestal to get you moving forward…

Top of the list - your office desk.
If you want to be able to get into ‘work mode’ quickly each morning, picking a ‘proper’ office desk – and not just any old table you’ve got in the garage – is a must. Remember, office furniture is purposely designed to cater for wiring and all the paraphernalia that goes with IT equipment. This helps you to keep what is often a tight space… tidy. Wires can be tucked away and out of sight. Also, if you’re sitting at your desk for a few hours a day, it’s important that it’s set at the right height for you. Office desks are often adjustable so you can set the height correctly and look after your back. View more of our office tables and desks here.

CamHam Recommends: Our L Shaped Conference Desk
This is perfect for home based working. It provides you with work space, as well as a ‘conference’ area to hold meetings. That’s both efficient use of space AND professional.

Next – your office chair.
People tend to be a bit more relaxed about health and safety when working from home, but it’s important to take these things seriously wherever you work. If you’re going to be sitting at your desk for several hours a day, you need a well-designed office chair that’s comfortable, supportive and adjustable (height, direction etc.); protecting your posture matters. Finding an office chair that facilitates this will make a difference to you over the long term. And make sure you can tuck it neatly under your desk at the end of each day too… it’s such a satisfying thing to do! View more of our office chairs here.

CamHam Recommends: Our Extra High Fabric Managers' Chair
This offers deep padded back rests with pronounced lumbar support, waterfall design seat pad and adjustable armrests for optimal comfort. The gas height adjustment will get you sitting in just the right place against your desk, and the back rake tilt adjustment can be twiddled to provide support and stability. For comfort and style… it’s a no brainer!

And finally – your pedestal storage.
It’s important to keep your work IN your work space. The best way to do this is to have regularly used items easily accessible… and this requires good storage. Everything from files, to pens, to spare paper can be close to hand if you have a desk pedestal. When the phone rings, it’s all there. And if you can get your office furniture from one supplier, you’re more likely to be able to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing aspect of matching items too. We likey! View more of our office storage solutions here.

CamHam Recommends: Our Desk High Pedestal
This comes with lockable filing and narrow drawers. It can take both A4 sized and Foolscap files. And will compliment your L shaped conference desk perfectly. Go for it!

How can CamHam Office Furniture help?
So, if you now see that three ‘simple’ decisions can make a huge impact on how much you enjoy heading off to work in the morning, get in touch! We’ve got other ideas too... 

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