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Office furniture that keeps you on track

Aug 18, 2012

Even though the Olympics are drawing to a close, we couldn’t resist adding a topical blog to our list. The competitive nature of sport is certainly a great parallel to draw upon.

Even though the Olympics are drawing to a close, we couldn’t resist adding a topical blog to our list. The competitive nature of sport is certainly a great parallel to draw upon. And the excitement of both Usain Bolt winning the 100m for the third time, and Mo Farah snapping up gold again in the 10,000m is hard to resist. 

Inevitably – because you know what we’re like  - that has got us thinking about how the pace of demand for office furniture varies according to the ‘event’… and how CamHam can help.
Needing office furniture for the everyday marathon that is business life is very different to needing it for a short term spike. At CamHam we understand this and can offer solutions for both scenarios.

When you’re in it for the long distance…
So you’re in the process of kitting out a new office. What you’re buying, office furniture-wise, you’re going to use for a while – possibly a few years. To make this worth your while, office desks, chairs and storage items have to tick a fair few boxes to be in a medal position. They need to be: 

•    Functional but aesthetically pleasing
•    Robust enough to withstand daily use
•    Ergonomically designed to keep your staff healthy

Let’s face it, the office furniture that your employees are sitting at and using every day will have an impact on their mind-set. If you purchase items that tick all those boxes above, employees are going to enjoy their work more. And what does that mean? It means you have a better chance of a podium position within your business world. Happy, healthy employees are a crucial element of a successful business.

At times when you’re challenged with a sprint…
With that said, however, there are times when you’ve got an event coming up; perhaps an exhibition. This is going to be a short, sharp experience. A high intensity burst of activity that will then be over. So what you’re going to need in the form of office furniture is something that’s: 
•    Stylish with a touch of eye-catching flair
•    Robust enough to cope with a wide variety of shapes and sizes
•    Easy to move around, so that it can be lugged in, and then lugged out after 3 days

And what you also need is a supplier who will deliver promptly and then collect again, once the mad dash is over. 

How can CamHam help you go for gold?
Whether you’re about to shoot off on a sprint, or are limbering up for an endurance run, you want to aim for first place, don’t you? Well, for those with a longer term office furniture requirement, we have a superb range of furniture collections that cater for every need. Whether it’s office desks, ergonomically designed chairs, or robust office storage, we can supply you with the right solution for your business that will keep you on track.

Alternatively, however, for those needing office items for a short burst, we offer an office furniture hire service. Often, at exhibitions, the style of furniture needed isn’t your run-of-the-mill office based design. There’s no point in buying something now if next year your exhibition stand will look totally different. So hiring really is the best solution. You’ll have a choice of beautifully designed, yet functional, tables and chairs that will put your business on the podium, without having to break the bank.

So, whether you need desking for offices or conference seating for events, our extensive range of office furniture for hire and purchase will provide you with a selection that does you justice. To find out more, just get in touch!

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