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Office Furniture in Milton Keynes

Oct 5, 2016

Milton Keynes is one of the ‘new towns’ that was designed and built after the Second World War. We have to admit, at CamHam, we have a soft spot for Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes is one of the ‘new towns’ that was designed and built after the Second World War. We have to admit, at CamHam, we have a soft spot for Milton Keynes. There’s something about how it was planned, and has since developed, that just feels like a successful start-up business that’s grown into what it had intended to be. And as you know… we like successful small businesses. We’ve been fortunate enough to supply office furniture to many start-up businesses that have then gone on to expand… and expand… and expand!

So, as with the way our brains work here, we thought we’d do an article on going modern in Milton Keynes. Let’s give it a go…

What’s special about Milton Keynes?
Lots, actually, but its layout and design is of particular significance. Most towns are designed with a radial layout. There’s a central hub, from which road spokes radiate out. Milton Keynes is different, however. It’s based on a grid network, whereby each grid square is a semi-autonomous community in its own right… A bit like departments in a business. Each section works day-to-day on its own ‘thing’, but somehow the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Without the other grid squares, Milton Keynes, as we know it, wouldn’t exist. Without an accounts department, for example, an organisation would definitely cease to be.

So how does this all fit into the world of office furniture?
We reckon that Milton Keynes proves that the modern approach works. And the sort of well-crafted, ergonomically designed office furniture that we supply is about as modern as you can get. Here are just a couple of ideas to get you thinking.

Office bench system desking…
Each module is engineered with complete cable management in mind, whilst the floating top design gives a wonderfully contemporary feel to a layout. Add to that that there are a variety of colours to choose from, and what could have just been ‘yet another old office desk’ suddenly becomes a totally up-to-date workstation that enables each member of staff to hit the ground running.

Modular office seating configured to suit your space…
Of course, no modern office would be without a breakout area these days. For those informal meetings, where ideas flow and creativity crackles in the air, modular office seating is a must. Light enough to be easily moved around, and zingy enough to lift the mood, nobody is going to feel they’ve slipped into the Dark Ages by mistake.

So… if you’re keen to set a modern, forward thinking example to people, choosing the right office furniture is certainly an excellent way to do it. Your staff will pick up those signals… whether they like it or not.

Why not get in touch, and we’ll point you towards the best office furniture solution to meet your needs… because we’re always keen to break away from old thinking.

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