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CamHam Office Furniture will be at The Business Show!

Nov 3, 2016

Being busy peeps, we pick the shows and exhibitions we exhibit at very carefully. It’s easy to spend time and money for no reward. 

17th-18th November, Olympia, London
Being busy peeps, we pick the shows and exhibitions we exhibit at very carefully. It’s easy to spend time and money for no reward. The Business Show at Olympia, however, isn’t one of those. And it’s one we’re keen to attend next month.

What’s The Business Show all about?
It’s where SMEs learn how to step up a gear. The focus is genuinely on helping businesses start, grow and flourish. So, it’s free for visitors attending, and they are offered a wealth of opportunity, advice and information via exhibitors, workshops and seminars.


Is it specific to office furniture?
No, not at all. The Business Show welcomes businesses from all industries because the focus is on helping SMEs improve, evolve and expand within a challenging economic environment. This is a business to business event that has 25,000 visitors. So, for a company like CamHam Office Furniture, it’s a no brainer for us to be there. It encourages both start-ups and established SMEs to visit. And with the fantastic mix of exhibitors, respected speakers, interactive features and networking opportunities, it makes sense for any business owner to attend too.

How is The Business Show organised?
The layout of The Business Show has had a lot of thought put into it. With the focus being on helping business to grow, it makes it easy for attendees to spend their time where it will be of most value to them. To achieve this, the show is split into four main zones. These are:

The Digital Zone - A strong online presence is critical for businesses these days, and the Digital Zone will offer support and help on subjects such as capturing new customers, brand awareness, digital communications and social media. The digital masterclasses will focus on how businesses can plan for the future and stay ahead of their competition.
The Finance Zone - There’ll be advice and guidance on finance, funding, financial negotiation, tax, pensions, software and much more. Talks and seminars will be freely available on diverse finance topics ranging from cashflow management, to setting up, to budgeting.
The Marketplace - This is the hub of The Business Show, teeming with energy and activity. There will be seminars throughout each day, offering tips on everything from business growth, support, and the future. Really not an area to miss!
The Startup Zone - Perfect area for entrepreneurs setting up in business. There’ll be advice, guidance, connections and opportunities on how best to launch their venture. There’ll be talks and masterclasses on the process involved in building a business… given by people who have already done it successfully.
Superb Seminars
The Business Show is also boasting an astonishing timetable of seminars. Individual theatres will be available for people to attend talks on a wide range of subjects, such as:

Small business advice
Business startup
Startup support
Branding & PR
SME marketing
Digital marketing
Auto enrolment
Raising finance
Finance services
Business support
The future of business
Business growth
So, whether you’re just starting up a new business, are running an SME and now want it to grow, or simply fancy a grand day out, why not pop along? It’s free to enter, and when your feet start to feel a bit tired, come and visit our stand. You’ll find us at Stand Number 830. We’ll gladly give you a seat to test whilst you sip at a cuppa!

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