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New approach, new office furniture, and getting it right…

Nov 22, 2016

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve focused a couple of articles recently on Milton Keynes. It is, after all, where quite a few of our office furniture customers are based.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve focused a couple of articles recently on Milton Keynes. It is, after all, where quite a few of our office furniture customers are based. But we’ve found ourselves being drawn back to it again because, regardless of varying views on the town, it is actually a fascinating place.

Really? We hear you ask… Well, in truth we asked ourselves that too. But it did make us think and we worked out why. Besides its modern business base being one that naturally lends itself to needing office furniture, what makes Milton Keynes just a bit different is its carefully considered layout and design. And like a magnet, that draws us back again and again.

Milton Keynes isn’t like most towns…
Most towns we know have evolved over centuries. But Milton Keynes is different. It’s new. It was planned. It was mapped out in drawings before the first breeze block was ever laid. And we reckon that’s just like the layout of a new office.

If you’ve ever had to kit out an office with new furniture, or have moved into a new space needing to fill it, you’ll know what we’re talking about. You’re suddenly aware that the options open to you are pretty much endless. You know you’re going to be using whatever office furniture you choose for a while, so it’s important to get it right. But at the beginning of a project, what on earth does getting it right mean?

Picking the right office furniture from the start…
If you’re keen to get it right, we reckon there are a few factors to consider. Whatever office furniture you choose needs to be:

Functionally designed to support, not hinder, the work flow
Robustly built to last
Aesthetically pleasing to boost morale
Able to facilitate modern technology
A reflection of the quality of your business
Ergonomically designed to keep your employees comfortable and healthy
Striking enough to elicit that ‘Ooooh!’ moment when your staff see it for the first time
You’re probably beginning to realise now that no one design, size, or layout fits all. And what does that mean? When you’re kitting out a new office, you need to have choice.

CamHam offers an astonishing breadth of choice in office furniture
Really… we do! Oodles of choice. We know that different office roles have different requirements, because staff spend their time working on different things. For example:

Computer work: If you’re banging away at a keyboard for hours each day, the keyboard and the screen need to be positioned in the right place… with any cables neatly tucked away.
Paperwork: If your job has you pushing papers from left to right most of the time, it’s important to be able to keep your office desk clutter free. Filing cabinets and office shelving needs to be easily accessible.
Meetings: If you spend a lot of time liaising with colleagues at your desk, then your desk needs to be ‘meeting friendly’. There needs to be space for extra chairs and laptops…
Telephone conversations: Many jobs involve a lot of phone work, but your staff always appreciate some privacy – not to mention others not wanting to have to listen to those endless conversations. Screening can help with this.
So… if you have a big office revamp on your hands, and you’re needing a supplier that can provide you with both choice and what you need, then give us a ring. We literally have access to thousands of different designs… you just need to tell us what you’re trying to achieve!

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