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How to bring hygge to your office desk

Nov 30, 2016

You’ll have no doubt heard about ‘hygge’ by now. Even if it’s just in passing. And you’re probably thinking it’s simply another one of those crazes.

You’ll have no doubt heard about ‘hygge’ by now. Even if it’s just in passing. And you’re probably thinking it’s simply another one of those crazes. However, taking a leaf out of the Danish book of living and trying to bring hygge to your office desk, isn’t a bad thing to contemplate… once you understand a bit more about it, of course.

What is hygge?
In a nutshell, hygge is living well and living simply. It’s about forgetting your worries and feeling relaxed with others. It’s about cosiness, lack of stress, and indulging but not over-indulging. Hygge often happens when you are together with the people closest to you, your nearest and dearest; people with whom you can be open and sincere, and don't have to pretend to be anything besides who you are.

Now, that’s not necessarily a concept you’d relate to the office space. However, there are aspects of hygge which can be achieved at work. Here are five ways we’ve thought of that can help bring hygge to your office desk…

1. Make your office desk your own
Hygge is all about enjoying and feeling relaxed in your environment. It’s about making changes to your work space so it feels like a sanctuary. How do you achieve this? You personalise it. You have a photo on your desk. You bring your favourite mug into work and use it. Basically, you combine the practical, ergonomic design of your office desk with your personality.

2. Bring a touch of the outdoors… in
Gardening may not be ‘your thing’, but having a plant on, or near, your office desk does make a subliminal difference to how you feel about your work space. It’s about tapping into that innate connection we all have with nature. Now, we accept that you may not want to go as far as to have to look after it too… though if you do, that can significantly enhance a sense of hygge. But hey ho, if watering something just once a week is too much… don’t worry. Ask your office desk neighbour to do it for you, perhaps, and build on that sense of being with others.

3. Make lunchtimes, hygge time
The key to achieving this is to NOT spend your lunchbreak at your office desk. Yes, we love desks far more than you do, and even we recommend that! Instead, go for a walk to get your lunch. Enjoy some fresh air. Find a quiet spot somewhere – and that may be in the office, of course – and chat or read a book. By the time you return to your office desk, and cast your eye on your lovely plant, you’ll be set for the afternoon.

4. Adjust the lighting around your office desk
Obviously, work isn’t about cosying up to a log fire – which is VERY hygge – but there’s no reason why you can’t soften the lighting in your space. Lamps are a great way to do this. Often more than one. You’ll be amazed at how the pools of light combine and soften the harshness of office lighting.

5. Have a cosy jumper stashed
Believe it or not, keeping extra layers at work is a top hygge strategy. Air conditioning is harsh. Feeling ‘snug’ inside your favourite jumper whilst you’re sitting at your office desk, typing away, is a must.

So, if you’d like to find an office desk that’s going to help you hone in on some hygge, get in touch! We’d love to help you 

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