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Annoying office uh-ohs!

Dec 2, 2016

So… not that we complain about each other here in the office at Camham, of course. And we’re not saying that day-to-day office life isn’t a dream. BUT…

So… not that we complain about each other here in the office at Camham, of course. And we’re not saying that day-to-day office life isn’t a dream. BUT…

There are times, aren’t there, when those irritating habits that your co-workers have just get on your nerves? In a spare five minutes the other day, it became a topic of conversation and so we did a bit of trawling around the internet. And you know what? We discovered some common strands that ran through each moaning session we read about, and ended up compiling a list of office gripes.

Now, obviously, there are some we can do very little about. Things like wandering aromas (cooking fish in a microwave was a biggie), slow internet, and people saying “Good afternoon…” when you’re five minutes late, never go down well; but they aren’t really an office furniture problem.

However, with regard to others, we realised that we’re in the very fortunate position of having the pick of the office furniture world for easy solutions. And we thought, as Christmas is on its way, we’d share a few with you as a gesture of seasonal good will.

Environmental gripes…
                Office temperature
The main office environmental groan was temperature. It’s either too hot or too cold and rarely just right for anyone. But at the end of the day, we’re all different. So what do we reckon you can do about it? The CamHam Office Furniture solution is to have an office storage cupboard dedicated to staff bits and bobs. It can then hold anything from jumpers, to jackets, to - dare we suggest - a fleece blanket.

                Washing up
A second ‘environmental’ gripe that regularly featured was colleagues not washing up their mugs. But that’s rather beyond our control and those people mostly just need a slap.

                Comfortable office seating is a must!
However, a third gripe we picked up on were uncomfortable seats. And obviously solving that problem is our speciality! So if you’ve had enough of listening to the person next to you moaning about their office chair, give us a ring and we’ll sort it.

Noise pollution in the office…
Noisy open office neighbours is a toughie. There’s always a trade-off between having a buzzing lively office, and giving people enough peace to work. The top groans people complained about were: speakerphone conversations, loud talking, noisy eaters (yes, that made us wince too), and people blowing their nose (a particular issue in the winter).

                Solve the problem with office screening
So do we at CamHam Office Furniture have a suggested solution? Of course we do. Office screening. A few well-placed screens can significantly reduce the distance that noise travels. They can provide a level of privacy whilst not killing the communicative nature of an open office. So have a think about it and give us a call if that sounds like something you’d like to investigate further.

A final thought…
But with all that said, it’s worth remembering that on the whole you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your colleagues. If your lunch is regularly being pinched from the fridge, and you’re always the one making the tea, it might be time to implement a bit of cultural change in the office. And you know what often kicks off cultural change? An office revamp… Ooooh, now there’s food for thought for the beginning of 2017, eh?

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