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5 ways your office furniture can help you survive that post-party feeling…

Dec 18, 2016

There’s nothing like operating a policy of the 5 ‘Ps’ – Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance – on a day-to-day basis at work.

There’s nothing like operating a policy of the 5 ‘Ps’ – Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance – on a day-to-day basis at work. And in this instance, we reckon that a little advanced planning utilising your most reliable, resilient, steadfast friend in the office – your office furniture – will help mitigate disaster the day after the office party.

Clear the way – use your office storage not office floorage
Make sure all boxes, piles of files, and unused office detritus is stashed away in your office cupboards BEFORE you go out. Get the office shelving up and filled. And clear all paths between office desks. Tripping hazards are a particular risk the morning after.

Keep a step ladder in easy reach – ban the office chair stand
Standing on a wheeled office chair is never a good idea. But when you’re tired and suffering from the excesses of the night before, the ease of just grabbing the nearest chair to reach a file is very tempting. DON’T DO IT! Give your staff an easy alternative, and they will thank you.

Keep the filing cabinet fiend at bay – well built, no tilt
OK, we confess, this one takes a bit more than a day in advance to plan. But making sure your filing cabinets are designed not to topple when more than one drawer is open is a must. Vigilance during the ‘normal’ working week is reasonable to assume. But an awareness of “Don’t open two drawers or you’ll lose your toes” never computes the morning after until it’s too late. Save yourself a headache and make sure you have anti-topple filing cabinets across the board.

Get the ergonomics right – become office chair aware
It’s unlikely you want your staff falling asleep as soon as they get into work the day after the office party. However, it serves you well to ensure they’re comfortable at least. Ergonomically designed chairs will keep smiles on their faces and help them to focus on their work perhaps just that little bit longer, and save them having to sneak off to fall asleep in the bathroom…

Provide enough office work space – workstation elation
Tired employees are often a little bit messy… just for that day, of course. Make sure that their office desk gives them enough space to spread out a bit. Give them room to move their mouse mat and keyboard so each can sit in a slightly different location, e.g. to accommodate a particularly slumped posture. Not that we’re speaking from experience, of course…

A final thought…
So there you go. We bet you never realised what a difference your office furniture could make to the morning after the night before. We admit it’s probably a bit late by now to put those preventative measures in place for this year. But it’s worth reviewing your office furniture inventory, at least, and planning a few replacements in the new year… Just to ensure those 5 ‘Ps’ are in place for next Christmas. 

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