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Ditch the gloom and clear some room in the office!

Jan 2, 2017

Let’s call this your ‘pre-spring clean’ clean… When you walked into the office on the first working day of the new year, and your eye couldn’t help but see the clutter, we bet you felt your heart sink.

Let’s call this your ‘pre-spring clean’ clean… When you walked into the office on the first working day of the new year, and your eye couldn’t help but see the clutter, we bet you felt your heart sink. What was cleverly disguised as festive fun is now a dust collector’s dream with tinsel on, eh?

The office needs sorting. It needs clearing. And you’ve swiftly come to realise that what you actually want is more office storage.

An office storage plan for January…
We’re betting that now you’re looking at those piles of papers on the windowsill, and that stack of business self-help books on the floor, your hopes of hitting the ground running this month are fading. But fear not, dear intrepid business owner, that need not be the case. With some carefully thought through adjustments to your office storage, you really will be making a positive step towards:

A more efficient workforce - When staff know where things are it takes a lot less time for them to find answers to questions.
A far more focused workforce - With files and paperwork stored neatly away, staff are less likely to be distracted.
A hit-the-ground-running workforce - If someone is away, temps can pick up where they left off far more easily with everything well organised.
A professional looking workforce - A neat and tidy office promotes a professional image which oozes efficiency to both your staff and customers.
A healthier workforce - No kidding, a well organised office:
Reduces stress
Makes keeping the office clean and tidy much easier
Protects employees from accidents e.g. tripping
A proud workforce - A tidy office instils a sense of pride in staff, as well as making it an easier place to work.
A communicative workforce - When staff can find what they’re looking for easily it reduces frustration. This will undoubtedly improve work relationships and communication.
How can CamHam Office Furniture help?
Office storage is our middle name, so here is a selection of items that we reckon will help you achieve all of the above:

Drawer pedestals – These can be either made from heat/stain resistant MFC or steel, and come with or without castors and brake locks. They are designed to fit neatly under a desk and can come with two or three drawers, plus an anti-tilt mechanism. The drawers can also be lockable.
Filing cabinets – These can be made of metal or heat/stain resistant MFC, and can be for individual or communal use. We always recommend that they are 100% extending with anti-tilt mechanisms, and robust enough to take significant weight when opened.
Office bookshelves and office cupboards – These too can come in heat/stain resistant MFC, plus you also have the option of a wide range of finishes to match other office furniture. The shelves can be fixed or adjustable, glass fronted or panel fronted, or, if you like a secure twist on things, can have tambour doors. The shelving/cupboard combinations come in a range of options to choose from, including desk end corner storage for efficient use of space.
Side filers – These neat little pedestal style office filing units are a useful addition to your office storage suite.
So if you’d like to get your office storage plan for January up and running as quickly as possible, just get in touch! 

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