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Beat the January blues with our 3 office furniture essentials

Jan 7, 2017

We’re pretty sure you think that office furniture is just office furniture.

We’re pretty sure you think that office furniture is just office furniture. And of course, we think differently; but that’s only because we know that the design of your office desk, your office chair, and your office storage can affect whether you approach your job with gloom or va-va-vooooom!

Oh go on then, you say… How so? We thought you’d never ask.

Office Desks
Office desks come in quite a variety of shapes and sizes, each combination offering a solution to different office challenges and frustrations. For example:

Straight cantilever desks – These are great when space is limited for they’re a standard rectangular shape but come with cable management. Ditch that cramped feel!
Single and double wave cantilever desks – The curves to these offer a softer aesthetic look which will lift your mood without you realising.
L-shaped cantilever desks – When you want that extra bit of work space to spread out… these are what you need.
Panel end desks – These give your office desk a more solid look.
Conference desks – For those meetingtastic managers, or people who work from home, these offer functional flexibility for work and meetings.
Height adjustable desks – These are ergonomically designed to facilitate good posture and help prevent back problems. What’s not to make you smile?
Office Chairs
So, having looked at the mainstay of your work life, let’s move onto the item of office furniture your body will connect most with during the day. Your office chair.

Seat height – Can you adjust it? For maximum comfort whilst you work you need to be able to set it to the right height for you and your office desk.
Seat width and depth – Is it wide enough and deep enough to support you comfortably? If it isn’t, that isn’t the right office chair for you.
Lumbar support – Does your office chair provide you with good lower back support? To mitigate existing back problems, and indeed help prevent future ones, lumbar support is a must.
Backrest – For this to do its job effectively it needs to be adjustable in both vertical and backward/forward directions.
Arm rests – Does your office chair have them? Are they adjustable?
Swivel – Your office chair won’t ergonomically accommodate you if it can’t swivel.
Stability – Does your office chair have a five star base?
Seat material – Is the seat padded enough to provide comfort for extended periods of sitting?
Office Storage
And now on to our final office furniture essential – storage. Get your office storage right, and you’ll feel like an extra pair of hands are working with you… unsalaried!

Think drawer pedestals – A pedestal will fit neatly under your office desk and help you become that organised god/goddess you’ve always wanted to be.
Side filer cabinets – When storage is needed next to a desk, rather than under it, sider filer cabinets provide an excellent, easy-to-reach solution.
Filing cabinets – We don’t need to spell out what these do, but make sure the drawers can extend out 100% or you’ll be tearing your hair out.
Office bookshelves & cupboards – Troublesome file storage is at best just an irritation, and at its worst it a stressful mood destroyer. To work efficiently and smoothly you need order in your office and a plentiful supply of bookshelves and cupboards is one of the key ingredients for achieving that.
So hopefully that’s given you some inspiration on how some well-chosen pieces of office furniture can bring a new glow to your working day. If you’d like to find out more, please just get in touch!

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