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What is office furniture?

Jan 15, 2017

Good office furniture is functional furniture that’s designed for business. It tends to be broken down into the following categories:

Good office furniture is functional furniture that’s designed for business. It tends to be broken down into the following categories:

Office desks
Office chairs
Office storage
Reception area
Meeting room & boardroom
So, with that said, let’s have a look at each category in a little more detail.

What are Office Desks?
A good office desk will be ergonomically designed such that it can be adjusted to suit an individual’s height, shape and job function. It needs to accommodate IT wiring and support the work flow. We wrote an article specifically on this subject very recently, so if you’d like to understand more, click here.

What are Office Chairs?
The chair that you sit in at your desk is probably THE most important piece of office furniture you will come into contact with. Whether you’re up and down all day, or sitting still beavering away, the ergonomic design of your office chair will impact both your effectiveness and your comfort. Last week we published a piece on what makes a good ergonomic office chair, so please do click here to find out more.

What is Office Storage?
Choosing the right pieces of office storage will make the difference between efficiency and chaos in the everyday flow of work. Filing cabinets that tip, or are too small to accommodate the files you use, will cause stress. A lack of under-desk pedestal storage will discourage a clear desk policy and make for a generally messy office. A dearth of book shelves and cabinets will see files piling up on spare surfaces and the floor. Don’t let this happen. Instead consider how you can use:

Filing cabinets
Side filers
Book shelves
What makes a good Reception Area?
Your reception area is where you can make (or break) that first impression a customer has of you. Getting the furniture and ambience right, therefore, is critical. You need to be considering:

A reception desk which is both aesthetically complementary to your business and functionally able to cater for IT equipment, telephone wiring, and work space.
Soft seating that is durable but plush. Modular seating often suits a reception space well, which can also include both tub chairs and sofas.
Coffee tables that provide both space for you to lay out your company literature, as well as enable visitors to use a flat surface too.
What makes a great Meeting Room & Boardroom?
Meeting room furniture has to enable people to sit, write and type etc. in comfort for long periods of time. Sturdy tables with cable management, accompanied by ergonomically designed operator seating, are often the ideal choice. Good meeting room furniture will cater for a range of shapes and sizes and be robustly built.

The Boardroom, however, tends to need to lift the bar a notch or two. More than just a room where the board meets these days, it’s often used to impress important clients. It’s a room that sets the correct tone for communicating information to staff, contractors, suppliers and customers. The centrepiece is the boardroom table, of course, but executive style seating is often chosen to complement it. Sideboard storage is also recommended to enhance both the functionality and feel of the room.

How can CamHam Office Furniture help?
If you’d like to find out more about what good office furniture is available to you, then please do get in touch. We’d be delighted to chat through your office furniture needs in more detail!

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